On 22 November 2018 the EAVRG (European Association of the Via Romea Germanica) was founded in the Representative Hall of the Municipality of Bolzano, thanks to the involvement of the German Romweg Association, the Austrian Jerusalem Way and the Italian Via Romea Germanica. Bolzano will also be the legal and operational headquarters of the new association.
On September 27, 2018, the dossier was sent to the Luxembourg Offices in support of the application for Recognition as a Cultural Route of European Interest.
With the participation of numerous Mayors, Associations, and Friends, in the presence of personalities such as Prof Fiorella Dallari (of UNIBO) the dott. Gianluca Bambi (from UNIFI) the regions of Umbria, Tuscany and prov. of Trento, dott.ssa Barbara Noce representing the Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, dr. Alberto D’Alessandro, we were welcomed by the Mayor Caramaschi and Vice-Mayor Bauer.
Bolzano is presented as the gateway to Southern Europe and the gateway to Northern Europe, where cultures come together and work together; a reaffirmation of the European character of this choice, recalling that already in the XIII century (and even earlier) the Paths or Pilgrimages were the ways and the tool for a meeting of cultures and civilizations, after the fall of the Roman Empire.
In the new Council there are: the Austrian: Johannes Aschauer, the Germans: Thomas Dahms, Michael Weiss, Ulrike Stiger, the Italians: Flavio Foietta, Ivana Bricca and Mauro Randi.
President was elected Flavio Foietta; Vice-Presidents: Thomas Dahms and Johannes Aschauer.
It was a remarkable goal, which immediately imposes the departure for another „stage“, that of the European Recognition.
We are sure to have many people and many friends on our side ….

Presse release of the Municipality of Bozen

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