Also the Municipality of Grigno with resolution no. 5 of 21 February 2019 is a member of the Via Romea Germanica Association. Located in the beautiful valley of Valsugana, it is bathed by the Brenta, among vineyards and a countryside cultivated as a garden. Rich in History (here the Great War passed leaving important signs such as the Trincerone) is also an exceptional natural environment (remember the Biotope of Fontanazzo). Rich in paths, bike paths, it is a paradise for Walkers and Cyclists.
We thank the Municipal Administration and its Mayor arch. Fogarotto for their sensitivity.
Together with Grigno the Via Romea Germanica VRG and the European EAVRG, take part in a project of the LAG Trentino Orientale to create structures and opportunities related to sustainable tourism and to local young people who want to live and work here.
An invitation to all to visit it.