It is with satisfaction that the “Delta Po LAG” of Rovigo has communicated us its adhesion to our Association. We are pleased to have found a new Friend and a relationship that could be fruitful for our project and for the Veneto region of the Delta. Veneto Region is essential for the Via Romea Germanica, and we are proud to have also the Municipality of Anguillara as a Member. The friendship with the Way of St. Anthony is another link with the Veneto Region: both for the stages beyond the Po river and for the connection in Romagna that is activated under the aegis of the Municipalities of Castrocaro and Forlì. The Delta Po LAG is the first LAG that becomes our Member: we hope that the other LAGs that we have met for European Programming in recent years, from Lazio to Alto Adige, want to share with us the beautiful project of the Way on the Via Romea Germanica.