Among the improvements, after the very recent securing of Passo Serra, we have made:

  • the rediscovery of the ancient Via Romea between Santa Sofia and Bagno di Romagna

  • Installation of boards and new signs in Forlì

Between the Passo del Carnaio and the intersection with the road of Rio Petroso, there are 1,770 km of paved provincial road; this can be good for bikes. But not for walkers. Thus an old mule track (which the local elders had always called „Via Romea“) was found among the fields and the woods, and was restored thanks to funds from the Emilia-Romagna Region for maintenance, and thanks to the contribution of friends like Gilberto Batani and Vanni Milandri of the CAI of Cesena. Now the walkers can walk the stretch in absolute safety and in an ecologically wonderful environment, among woods, chestnut groves and meadows.
In Forlì, the collaboration between the „Quartieri Est del Comune di Forlì ‚“ and the Via Romea, the signage along the bank of the Ronco-Bidente river has been strengthened and two boards have been placed to illustrate the route and the city of Forlì . Now, who is coming coming from Ravenna (Tabernam), in Borgo Sisa have two different roads, both „historical“: the one to the east along the bank of the Ronco-Bidente river and the one to the west that crosses the Historical Center of Forlì (Furlìn), San Martino in Strada (San Martinen in Strate) and climbs the hills of Scardavilla up to Meldola (Meldula).
From there continue to Cusercoli and the Alpe di Serra towards Tuscany.

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