On 10 March 2022, the „Exhibition of European Cultural Routes“ was inaugurated in Collodi (Pistoia), promoted by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Europe.
With the interventions of the major political and technical representatives of the Cultural Routes, we had the opportunity to talk about the Via Romea Germanica and above all the importance of the Cultural Routes for the construction of the Europe of Peoples and for the understanding and brotherhood of all community of our continent.
In the catalog and calendar presented, the Via Romea Germanica makes a fine show, together with the other 28 European itineraries that cross the peninsula.
Alberto D’Alessandro, former director of the COE Offices in Venice, did the honors; he followed our project with passion and friendship since 2012.
The photos show off themselves: the Renon-BZ, Santa Sofia-FC, Monselice-PD, Civita Bagnoregio-VT, Montecchio di Castiglion Fiorentino-AR: some of the many beauties of the Italian stretch.

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