Yesterday, 26 September 2018, the Dossier and the Application for Recognition of the VIA ROMEA GERMANICA as a Route of European Cultural Interest departed from the European Offices, based in Luxembourg. We consider this a special moment in the young history of our Way.
The efforts made in these years have been very great and, after the meeting ten days ago in Donauworth in Bavaria, suddenly the first and decisive result came. 
This is a first step which, followed by others, will lead us to the goal.
The three Presidents, Thomas Dahms, Johannes Aschauer and Rodolfo Valentini were decisive in their desire to start the ship.
Michael Weiss took the reins of this goal with much enthusiasm after the meeting in Lucca.
We cannot forget those who have worked in the past, such as the former president Romweg: Andrea Memmert, the deputy Uwe Schott, Inger Harlevi, Giovanni Caselli, the staff of Wernigerode and Donauworth, the Austrian friends; and we cannot forget those who believed and believe in us
Now another work awaits us, but with the joy of those who see the finish line.



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