Saturday, June 8, 2019 in Verbania, on Lake Maggiore, the „National CAI Hiking Week“ began.

The first day was dedicated to the Sentiero Italia and other technical and operational issues.

The Via Romea Germanica and the Imperial VRG were called to illustrate the signaling issue, seen by the Path Associations.

The report presented highlighted the discrepancy between the Highway Code and the CAI Signs and other subjects, such as the Regions.

A signage and signage that is often disputed by technicians and administrators because the Highway Code, as state law, exceeds all other regulations.

The Highway Code also calls „cart roads“, the paths, the tracks; and on the „road“ imposes respect for the signs shown in its Regulations, excluding any other type of sign or signal.

Hence the need, for the „slow movement“ and for hiking, to regulate a particular signage (simple, non-invasive, of modest size), through an ad hoc appendix in the Highway Code.

Important would be the use of CAI signage, a non-economic organization, recognized for many decades by the State, an expert on hiking and walking and operating throughout the national territory