52 – (ITA STAGE 4) – Chiusa – Collalbo / Klausen – Klobenstein

Place of Departure CHIUSA/KLAUSEN
Length – KM
Nation of the route Italy
Region Trentino Alto Adige
Uphill Gap
1.100 m
Downhill Gap
384 m
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability  Foot


Stage 4 – Chiusa Collabo – It is a mountain stage, demanding due to its length and difference in height: it climbs up, passing through San Maurizio/Sauders, near the Tre Chiese/Bad Dreikirchen, then Barbiano/Barbian and Santa Verena. It crosses a large part of the Renon/Ritten plateau and reaches Collalbo/Klobenstein. What is special is the phenomenon of the earth pyramids/Erdpyramiden. A look at the beautiful Dolomites with the Odle, the Sassolungo, the Sciliar and the Catinaccio.

Starting from the Church of Sant’Andrea, you pass the Tinne torrent and a path leads to the banks of the Isarco. Along the river you arrive at the SS 12. (cyclists still continue on the cycle path and take the Zargenweg road to Barbiano: 5.30 km) and take the road uphill (Via Brennero 8), reaching a second farm (Oberpartegger) . Resuming walking on the asphalt, you will find a third farm. Then the path leads to San Maurizio. You can go up to the village for a visit to the church. You cross a wooded area, then steeply sloping fields, then forest again and descend into the bed of a deep stream that can be crossed over a small wooden bridge. A steep climb begins, in a beautiful wood, towards Barbiano. Not far from the arrival point there is a small road with the indication Le Tre Chiese (Bad Dreikirchen): three characteristic little churches under a high mountain, certainly a reference point for pilgrims. Continuing on, you reach Barbiano with its monument to the pilgrim in the center of a beautiful fountain. Afterwards, continue on the paved road, almost flat, where you will find a beautiful stream with a beautiful waterfall. You arrive in Saubach, where you can still fill up on water. We reach the foot of the hill where Santa Verena stands, another important point on our journey as a reference point for every pilgrim. (cyclists continue on the road to Longostagno-Longomoso and Collalbo: 8.5 km, crossing the footpath at Penzlhof, at Koblmule, sanctuary of Maria Saal up to the Earth Pyramids). A steep path begins on the right; the effort is repaid by the vision of a small church, the valley below and the Dolomites right in front. The ancient imperial path (Kaiserweg), still partly paved, descends from the hill; cross a clearing and arrive at the Penzlhof farm. Back on the paved road, take path 8A in the middle of the woods; then a farm, other fields, a second company, a third company and you arrive at a paved road. Still climbing in the middle of meadows, woods and more meadows up to an altitude of 1094 a.s.l.; take path 8 downhill to Koblmule, a small village along a stream. Another nice climb on a cobbled path, with scattered Stations of the Cross, towards the Maria Saal Sanctuary Church. We then descend on the Kaiserweg path and nearby are the Earth Pyramids which we follow towards Collalbo. The Earth Pyramids are a particular natural phenomenon. Longomoso welcomes us with a beautiful lake of water lilies, then finally in Collalbo and we go up towards the station.

N.B. For pedestrians: From the Glun Artisanal Area it might be advisable to continue on the cycle path and follow the cycle path up to Barbiano, especially in bad weather and to avoid crossing private properties; unfortunately, asphalt and concrete prevail on this route and some very suggestive environmental features are lost.

4- Points of Interest

Barbiano – From the valley floor and from the banks of the Isarco (480 m) the slope of the landscape becomes increasingly accentuated, up to the Corno di Renon (2260 m). Among the vineyards, the chestnut woods, the meadows and the forests there are some holiday resorts: Colma, S. Ingenuino, Tre Chiese and Barbiano, the main locality. Barbiano and the small villages all around are an invitation to stop and let yourself go. They offer a magnificent view of the Dolomite peaks to the east and impress with their hospitality. The term “Barbiano” most likely derives from “Barbius”, a landowner of the Roman Empire, whose historical data nonetheless indicates an early colonization of the town, since the various archaeological excavations carried out in the municipal area reveal that long before the Romans – from 15 BC to 476 AD – people moved through the Barbiano area, finding it to their liking so much that they settled there permanently. The first mention of the village in a historical document dates back to the year 855 AD, with which the Benedictine monastery of Freising, consisting of the Weihenstephan Abbey, certifies that it has landed properties in Barbiano, which had been in its possession for thirty years.

The Three Churches in Barbian (Bad Dreikirchen) – These are in an extraordinarily beautiful location. The small churches were built over an old pagan place of worship, probably dedicated to the deities of the springs. The three small churches date back to the 13th and 15th centuries, and are particularly interesting because of their artistic value, which distinguishes them from the rest of the historical region of Tyrol. In ancient times, this place of worship was looked after by hermits. The churches were, and still are dedicated respectively to St. Geltrude (documented as early as 1237), St. Nicholas (St. Nikolaus) and St. Magdalena (first mentioned in 1422).

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How to arrive

Form airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Verona FS Railway Station TRAIN – ( Verona FS Railway Station – Chiusa FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN ( Bolzano FS Railway Station – Chiusa FS Railway Station

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Pilgrim Service

Associazione Turistica Renon Via paese 5 -39054 COLLALBO/RENON BZ 0471-356100
CAI Alto Adige Viale Europa 53/F 39100 BOLZANO 0471 402 144
Associazione Turistica Barbiano Frazione S. Giacomo, 41 – 39040 BARBIANO 0471-654411 – 654260
Portale Turismo Alto Adige   0471 402 144
Associazione Turistica Villandro Vicolo F. V. Defregger, 6, 39040 VILLANDRO BZ 0472-843121

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