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Relive ‘ITA VRG 09 Trento-Levico Terme’

Saturday 31° / 21 ° CSunday 33° / 21 ° CMonday 32° / 21 ° C
Place of Departure TRENTO
Place of Arrival LEVICO TERME
Length – KM
Nation of the route Italy
Region Trentino Alto Adige
Uphill Gap
Downhill Gap
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability  Foot
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Trento is a city full of history, art and encounters between Italian and Mittel-European cultures. It is famous for the Church Council (1545 -1563) and preserves its charm in its architectural heritage, spanning from 19th century Habsburgic style and the splendor of Renaissance palaces and churches. One mustn’t fail to visit the Castello del Buonconsiglio, for centuries the residence of the Bishops-Princes of Trento. The Duomo and the piazza with the statue of Neptune, the churches of the Council, the frescoed houses and the museums. Trento is a culturally active city, offering many exhibitions all well organized (

Resuming our walk from Piazza del Duomo we shall take Via Calepina then Via G. Grazioli and via dei Molini. Continuing uphill on the left, Salita Filippo Manci, we will reach Via Mesiano, and after a few meters, we shall take to the left and go to Via dei Valoni which will take us to Povo. As soon as we are out of the city, the road climbs steeply up to an altitude of 700m. From Mesiano we have followed footpath n.7 or F. Having crossed Povo  we shall take to the left via Della Resistenza for 200m, and walk 500 m on Via Spré, after 200m on via della Resistenza for to arrive in  Via delle Volpare; 400m up to a three streets unction  our path is the middle one and after 250m it will take us to footpath n.8 which in its turn it will take us the Cimirlo Pass in 1km. From the Pass we shall take footpath F or “Giro della Marzola”; afre 700 m at the crossroad, we shall take the footpath on the left, but both paths lead to Roncogno. Here we shall take Via Raot to arrive at Pergine Valsugana; soon after Roncogno we find a crossroad, both ways one can reach the centre of Pergine after crossing the  motorway, the railway and State Highway SS47. We leave Pergine directed to the hill of the Castle: Via Tegazzo and Via del Castello (worth a visit), we continue until we get to Provincial Highway SP228, which we cross  to get to Via Chiesa; having passed Masetti, we arrive at Pozza where we take Via Leni: Now we are again on the Via Claudia Augusta and before Ischia, having passed the  Lake of Caldonazzo, we turn left on footpaths n.1,2,18; we walk along the left bank of Lake Levico and we will arrive in the centre of Levico Terme, precisely on the Via Regia or Via Claudia Augusta

The Duomo, or Cathedral of St Vigilio was built in the area originally occupied by a church of St Vigilio, the saint patron of Trento. Recent excavation have uncovered the remains of the ancient church with a single nave of 14 x 45 meters: The ancient basilica was built outside the city walls since it was a cementer church, in fact here was buried the Saint along with other martyrs: Sisinnius, Martiry and Alexander. The bishop-prince Uldarch II (1022-1055) begun the building of the Bishop’s Palace and the reconstruction of the Cathedral. The latter had three naves, with pillars resting upon Roman plinths, and also started the building of a crypt. A successor, Altemann (1124-1149) carried on the construction of the crypt (which is still extant) and which was consecrated in 1145.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani end  Download File PDF

Bold type for structures we already used
Red type for structures we have an arrangement (with Credential*)
(*) Prices might change for special situations: please book early and ask for confirmation
In some places it is difficult to find accommodation only for one night: we suggest you to take accommodation for more nights, using, for your movements, the comfortable and cheap local trains, route Brenner-Trento-Bassano del Grappa.

How to arrive

From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Verona FS Railway Station TRAIN – ( Verona FS Railway Station – Trento FS Railway Station  

Where to eat

  TYPICAL DISHES = Infotrentino TYPICAL DISHES = Valsuganasapori    
Conad Via Torre Verde,26 – 38122 TRENTO      
Conad Via Petrarca,72 – 38057 PERGINE VALSUGANA      
Conad Via Pennella,38 – 38057 PERGINE VALSUGANA      
Despar Largo N.Sauro,27 – 38121 TRENTO      
D-Piu Via Dante,52 – 38057 PERGINE VALSUGANA 0461-538127    
Coop Via Marconi,28 – 38052 CALDONAZZO      
Coop Via Gavazzi,6 – 38057 PERGINE VALSUGANA      
Coop Via Brigata Acqui,2 – 38100 TRENTO      
Eurospin Via Dell’Albera-Martignano- 38121 TRENTO      
Albergo La Rotonda viale Venezia 37, 38057 PERGINE 0461-531128
Hotel Cristallo, Sport & Wellness via de Vettorazzi,2 – 38056 LEVICO TERME 0471-706427
Hotel Daniela  viale Venezia 3, 38056 LEVICO TERME  0461-706213
Hotel Sport via Segantini 4, 38056 LEVICO TERME 0461-706297
Hotel Liberty viale Vittorio Emanuele 18, 38056 LEVICO TERME TN 0461-701521

Where to sleep

Hotel Sport via Segantini 4, 38056 LEVICO TERME 0461-706297
Hotel Liberty viale Vittorio Emanuele 18, 38056 LEVICO TERME TN 0461-701521
B&B Castel Charme via Pontara, 20/D -38057 PERGINE VALSUGANA-TN 340-5774207 / 347-0585849
B&B Loggia dell’Imperatore via G.Prati,27 – 38056 LEVICO TERME-TN 0461-706261 / 339-4473015
La Vecchia Fattoria via per Caldonazzo,27 – 38056 LEVICO TERME 0461-700242
B&B Camere Ester via Salè, 10 – 38123 POVO TN 0461-810380
B&B Bio Garni Mondinovo via de Vettorazzi,8 – 38056 LEVICO TERME 335-5977153
Hotel Cristallo, Sport & Wellness via de Vettorazzi,2 – 38056 LEVICO TERME 0471-706427
B&B Domus Flavia via Per Vetriolo, 36 – 38056 LEVICO TERME 339-2104155
B&B Le ziette via alla Cascata 4/1, 38050 POVO 346-9491676
B&B White Rose 38123 PASSO DEL CIMIRLO 335-6342205
Albergo La Rotonda viale Venezia 37, 38057 PERGINE 0461-531128
Hotel Daniela viale Venezia 3, 38056 LEVICO TERME 0461-706213
Camping Due Laghi Via Claudia Augusta 29 (Località Costa 3)
0365 522595 / 348 4132258
Camping Lago Levico Village Località Pleina, 5, 38056 LEVICO TERME-TN 0461 706491 / 346-4219423
Camping  Village Mario Via Lungo Lago, 4, 38052 CALDONAZZO-TN 0461 723341
Camping Penisola Verde Via Penisola Verde, 5, 38050 CALDONAZZO-TN 0461 723272
Camping Punta Lago Village Via Lungo Lago, 70, 38050 CALCERANICA-TN 0461 723229
Camping Riviera Viale Venezia, 10, 38050 CALCERANICA-TN 0461 724464 / 0461 723214
Camping Al Pescatore Via dei Pescatori, 1, 38050 CALCERANICA-TN 0461 723062
Camping Punta Indiani Via di Mezzo Lago, 2, 38057 PERGINE-TN 0461 548062

Bike Service

Cetto Lorenzo Corso Centrale,1 – 38056 LEVICO TN 0461-701314      
Piva Fabio Via Crivelli,23 – 38057 PERGINE VALSUGANA TN 0461-530464      

Pilgrim Service

Ufficio Turistico Levico Viale Vittorio Emanuele III,3 – 38056 LEVICO 0461 727700
Ufficio Turistico Pergine Piazza Serra, 10 – 38057 PERGINE 0461 727760

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