61 – (ITA STAGE 13) – Bassano del Grappa – Piazzola

Place of Departure BASSANO DEL GRAPPA
Place of Arrival PIAZZOLA
Length – KM
Nation of the route Italy
Region Veneto
Uphill Gap
6 m
Downhill Gap
94 m
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability  Foot



Stage 13 – Bassano-Piazzola – Long but easy stage, it runs alongside the Brenta river. There are few inhabited centres. Woods, cultivated fields: we have entered the Po Valley. A beautiful environment to admire.

From Bassano we start again from Piazza della Libertà, we pass in Piazzale L. Cadorna in front of the Gothic church, ossuary of the fallen of the First War. Then you follow Via Colomba and start a stage without any gradient, but long. After several roads, climb the left bank of the Brenta. Now the road becomes a dirt path, then it returns to road and path again, but it is a nice straight road with a wonderful view of the waters of the Brenta on the right, which extends considerably in width. Return to the road and then go up the embankment and underpass the SS 248. Also underpass the SP 58, near Cartigliano. You can continue the walk along the river bed, crossing a small canal. Once you get off the road, after various detours, you follow the road that leads to an aggregate quarry. After passing the barrier, you return to the river bank. After a few kilometers we find the Friola bridge. Crossing the Brenta river near Friola, you can find food and water: along the way other inhabited centers are quite distant. Then go towards Camazzole up to Via Bernardino (cyclists continue straight on up to Agugiaro). The route passes between the river and the beautiful lake of Camazzole and near the small town of Agugiaro. You take a small road again, pass a quarry and return along the river. Under the Fontaniva bridge, then the railway bridge, there is a nice, unequipped picnic area. Beyond the Brenta, 5 km away is Cittadella. Continue along the Brenta cycle path with the Brenta on the left and Lake Grantorto on the right. The landscape does not change for other kilometers and you arrive on the SP 27, near Carturo. After taking a cart track, go back to following the cycle path, cross a canal over a small bridge. Then you leave the cycle path and go along the strip of land between the lake and the river, then arriving at Villa Contarini, the center of Piazzola sul Brenta

13 – Points of Interest

Piazzola sul Brenta – It is linked to the noble Contarini and Camerini families. The monumental villa belongs to the former, landowners since the 15th century. The latter, at the end of the 19th century, started an original development project based on the improvement of agriculture and the construction of new industries. In a few years, Piazzola sul Brenta became an important industrial centre. In 1920, there were six hydroelectric plants, a sulphuric acid factory, a chemical fertilizer factory, a cement factory, a sawmill, two brick kilns, two spinning mills, a few agri-food laboratories, and a unique jute factory, whose tall chimney towers over the former industrial area, now a site of historical interest.

Villa Contarini – The sight of Villa Contarini-Camerini is surprising: your gaze is enraptured by the princely residence, while at the sides the field of vision is closed by a double colonnade on the right, and a high hedge of trees on the left. The main building of the villa dates back to the 16th century and is attributed to Palladio; numerous annexes and decorations were added in the 17th century. The frescoes in the rooms, the work of Michele Primon, also date back to the latter period.

River Brenta – The river landscape in this stretch is very evocative: thickly forested poplars, willows and locust trees allow you to glimpse the river on one side, and the neatly cultivated fields on the other. The area is of great natural interest for the quality of the river water (Brenta Park), the richness of its flora and the diversity of its environments. The lakes, on the other hand, were created from gravel excavation, and are now particularly sought-after wetlands for marsh birds.

VARIATION: way of  St. ANTONY from Bassano del Grappa to Camposanpiero and Padova

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How to arrive

From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Padova FS Railway Station TRAIN – ( Padova FS Railway Station – Bassano FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – SITA bus route from Padova FS Railway Station – 46 km (

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Bike Service

Cicli Barco Via Watt,7 – 35016 PIAZZOLA SUL BRENTA PD 349-8437432 / 049-5599513    

Pilgrim Service

Ufficio Turismo Piazzola Via S. Silvestro, 38 – 35016 PIAZZOLA SUL BRENTA (PD) 049 9601019    

Photos from the Track

Piazzola sul Brenta