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Relive ‘ITA VRG 25 Forlì-Cusercoli’

Monday 34° / 25 ° CTuesday 34° / 24 ° CWednesday 35° / 25 ° C
Place of Departure FORLI’
Place of Arrive CUSERCOLI
Length – KM
Nation of the route Italy
Region Emilia Romagna
Uphill Gap
360 mt.
Downhill Gap
270 mt.
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability FootBike
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FORLI, in Latin Forum Livii, (also called Forlivio, Furlè (in old Italian) was one of the Roman market towns that dotted the Via Aemilia connecting Piacenza with Rimini. It is the Capital of the Forlì-Cesena Province in the Romagna regional district. Forlì is also the linguistic centre of the distinctive ”Romagnolo” dialect. It was part of Ostrogoth Kingdom, then a part of the Byzantine Empire with Ravenna, until in the 6th century, with the intervention of Pipin the Short, king of the Franks, as a consequence of the “False Donation of Constatine” assigning the district to the patrimony of St Peter and remained such until the unification of Italy in 1861. The most important monument of the city is the church of St Mercuriale, of the 12th century, built on the site of the earlier cathedral of St Stefano. The bell tower in Lombard style was designed by Francesco Deddi in 1178, but restored in later periods. Inside the church there are numerous works of art, among them paintings by Palmezzano. Other points of interest in the city are Piazza Saffi, Corso Diaz, Corso Garibaldi, Via Maroncelli, Piazza Ordelaffi, the Duomo and the Prefecture Palace.

 With this stage we begin an itinerary which will take us gradually to a hilly and then mountainous area, culminating with the Apennines ridge and a descent into Tuscany. From the city centre of Forlì we return to the Via Emilia up to the Church of Ronco; we cross the road before the bridge to get to the embankment of the Ronco river and flow it with all its meanders among luxuriant vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean bush with its variegated fauna, all cared for in view of a not too distant future when the area will be declared a Nature Reserve. After 700m we ford the stream called Sanguinario, actually a drainage canal collecting the waste water from the nearby airport. On the right we may notice a number of ponds caused by quarrying sand, and today a playground for sportive fishermen. Beyond we see a good golf course. Passed the third pond   we carry on walking along the embankment and we will come to a site, where we shall cross the river to the left and walk along the unpaved road to the right, which we then leave in order to walk again on the embankment for 1,5 Km passing under the Provincial Highway SP37 and  to go right for 400m, left on the Via Molino Selbagnone. and walk for 700m to take to right the unpaved road rising gently to take us, in 700m, to the Provincial Highway SP99, which we will cross and continue straight on for 200m till Via Fratta up to the Parish of Bertinoro Civil Protection Centre (Centro di Protezione Civile di Bertinoro). A tourist information and help centre for walkers in need of assistance. We are now above the Spa of Fratta Terme. Continuing along Via Fratta, uphill, we shall come to the ridge separating the valleys of the Ronco and of Fratta Terme, which we shall leave behind walking among vineyards, and villas for about 2 Km when we arrive at a three way crossroad. At less than 1 Km to the left, there is an excellent refreshments place (La Brocca); we shall, carry on straight ahead for 300 m then we shall go downhill to the right for 1 Km to reach the road to Teodorano, we turn right and in 1 Km we shall be at Meldola. We shall then cross the bridge Ponte dei Veneziani. Over the bridge we turn left and after 50 m, if we wish to visit the town, we go to the right in Via Cavour. As the river Bidente crosses Meldola, from this point onward, at the Ponte dei Veneziani, it assumes the name of Ronco, then it arrives at Forlì between Selbagnone and Magliano. Beyond Forlì, the river reaches Ravenna as a canal confined between high embankments.

MELDOLA – Archaeological remains, tell of a prehistoric settlement, During the Roman period the area of Meldola was crossed by an aqueduct which still crosses the town below ground. It was destined to provide freshwater to the military harbour of Classe (Ravenna), 40 km away.  At the time of the Longobards the Abbey of St Columbanus of Bobbio founded a monastery in the name of the Irish saint.

Things to seeThe wood of Scardavilla: a monastic site whose buildings are still extant (including the oldest core of Scardavilla di Sotto, and the more recent Scardavilla di Sopra) with the 18th century church . The loggia of the Aldobrandini, interesting example of a two storics Renaissance loggia, in the piazza dedicated to Felice Orsini . The bridge of the Venetians, with five arches, built in the early 165th century. The Keep of Meldola, perched on a high rock overlooking the town. Probably built around 1000, the Rocca was of the Montefeltro Dukes then of the Ordelaffi, and finally of the Malatesta. A military defense it later became the private residence of Leonello Pio da Carpi.

Passed the bridge of the Venetians, we turn left and after 500 m, in case one wishes to visit the town, we shall take Via Cavour on the right, or otherwise left to Via Indipendenza which we follow up to Istituzione Davide Drudi, then Via Rimbocca Ca’ Baccagli (1), left. Following this road, taking its bypass at the first crossing, again turning left and on to the bridge over the Ronco, which is now called Bidente. Over the bridge along the tarmac road for 2 Km uphill, we may arrive at Castelnuovo and at the Agritourist hotel “Le Vigne”, with a fine view over the valley and also good food (booking ahead), beyond we go down on the river, or otherwise, soon after the bridge, on the right, we take the footpath along the river to the next bridge where we find the road descending to Castelnuovo; 10 km on we turn right, ending under the bridge of the State Highway SS4; we  passe under the bridge and we go up to left , then to right for 400m to arrive  over SP4; we turn to right and, taking to traffic, we advance for 1,3km; we turn still to right, we go over bridge crossing the river ; we turn to left, then to left and we follow the river long the embankment: 3km and we arrive to Cusercoli.

(1) The path along the river Bidente, after the bridge, it is not always easy praticable, so as to avoid problems we recommend you from Rimbocca Ca’ Baccagli to continue on Via di Mezzo road (orange track), than to turn right onto Strada San Colombano-Castelnuovo , cross the SP4, enter and pass through the town San Colombano and return on SP4, where you turn right and follow the bike-path up to the roundabout. Then you can get the left pedestrian path toward Ricò and get to the reunion with the green coloured track.

WARNING! in the wetlands of the plains provide yourself with products against mosquitoes

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani end Download File PDF

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How to arrive

Bologna Marconi airport ( > shuttle Bologna FS Railway Station = (; tel. +39-051-290290 TRAIN – ( Bologna FS Railway Station – Forlì FS Railway Station  
Verona-Catullo airport ( > shuttle Verona FS Railway Station = (; tel. +39-045-8057811 TRAIN – ( Verona FS Railway Station- Bologna – Forlì FS Railway Station  
Milano-Orio al Serio airport ( > shuttle Bergamo FS Railway Station = (; tel. +39-035-236026 TRAIN – ( Bergamo -FS Railway Station Bologna – Forlì FS Railway Station  
Venezia-MarcoPolo airport ( > shuttle Mestre FS Railway Station  = (; tel. +39-0421-594672 – Airport Shuttle Service:
Shuttle Service booking :
TRAIN – ( Venezia-Mestre FS Railway Station- Bologna – Forlì FS Railway Station  

Where to eat

  TYPICAL DISHES = Emiliaromagnaturismo      
A&O Via Seganti,2 – 47100 RONCO – FORLI’ 0543-782710    
Conad Via Giannetto Vassura,38 – 47100 RONCO FORLI’      
La Mandragola-Ristorante-Pizzeria Via C.Pisacane,111 – 47014 MELDOLA-FC 0543-338-8381126 arrangement
Il Bidentino – Ristorante Pizzeria Via Mazzini,34 -47014 MELDOLA-FC 0543-493796    
La Meridiana -Ristorante-Pizzeria Via G.Bruno,76 – 47014 MELDOLA 054433-492145 / 347-5343941    
La Coccinella – chiosco Via Della Repubblica,39 – 47014 MELDOLA 346-7729504    
Agriturismo Le Vigne Via S.Colombano,34 – Castelnuovo -47014 MELDOLA 338-8521665 / 0543-494900    
Ristorante Gualdo Via Nucleo,12 – Gualdo – 47014 MELDOLA 0543-494526
Ristorante La Buga Via Gualdo interno,10 -47014 MELDOLA 0543-494743  
Quelli della Notte – Pizzeria Via Carini,2 – 47012 CUSERCOLI FC 0543-989799 / 339-7524162    

Where to sleep

Bike Service

Spacco Store Via Meldola,120 – 47030 FRATTA TERME FC 0543-460596/461105    
N.N.Cicli di Neri Nicola Via Indipendenza,1E – 47014 MELDOLA FC  366-4779854    

Pilgrim Service

 VISIT – EMILIA-ROMAGNA  logo-unione
Associazione Il Molino – Protezione Civile via Fratta – 47030 BERTINORO 338-7468510 zanelli gilberto – 340-8149125  
Meldola-Ufficio-Cultura Piazza Orsini,29 – 47014 MELDOLA 0543-499452  
Morelli Marta – Guida Turistica 47122 FORLI’ 347-5573996  

Photos from the track