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Relive ‘ITA VRG 33 Castiglion Fiorentino-Cortona’

Monday 35° / 21 ° CTuesday 36° / 20 ° CWednesday 35° / 20 ° C
Place of Arrival CORTONA
Length – KM
Nation of the route Italy
Region Toscana
Uphill Gap
400 mt.
Downhill Gap
240 mt.
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability Foot
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CASTIGLION FIORENTINO developed in the 6th century BC during the rise of the Etruscan civilization in North-East Etruria, like Cortona and Arezzo, benefiting from waterways linking the area to both Pisa and Rome. The Etruscans settled on hilltops overlooking fertile plains. The early settlement arose, in fact, in the area of Torre Cassero (Tower keep). The Etruscans were known for their technology in land reclamation and water management. The river Clanis emerged out of a process of geological uplifts in the southern part of the Chiana Valley. Since then it emptied its waters into the Arno. Originally it was part of the Arno-Tiber waterway. At the time of Augustus, the Clanis was completely separated from the Tiber basin, since by flooding the Valley it discharged into the Tiber causing Rome to be flooded. Since then it was Florence to suffer from floods. In the Middle Ages the Val di Chiana was marshland but this was an advantage for water was a better means of transport than mule trains on sheep droves and Castiglione, as Cortona and Arezzo enjoyed a new lease of life. Without rational, efficient transport no civilization can prosper.

Things to see in Castiglion FiorentinoThe Municipium, built in the 14th century, The Municipal art Gallery (Pinacoteca), in the premises of the church of Sant’Angelo, the Tower of Cassero (the Keep), The Palazzo Pretorio (Old Court House), 1412, The Vasari Loggia (built in 1513, the Civic Theatre, the Church of St Francesco, Pieve di San Giuliano (Baptismal church) 15th century, Church of St. Agostino, Church of the Madonna della Consolazione.

This stage is short and easy but beautiful for the country it traverses, with its Mediterranean colours, ubrella pines, cypresses, olive trees and pomegranates and villas, Castiglione and Cortona are among the most fascinating towns in Tuscany and one must have time to see and admire, and taste! Leaving the town we take Via della Consolazione, passing by the church by the same name with an octagonal plan, designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and finished in the early 17th century, 400 m beyond, having passed over a stream, we turn right, walk 900 m and turn left, on for another 900 m along a ditch which we shall cross to approach the hill where the castle of Montecchio lies. This is one of the most spectacular castles in Tuscany, almost intact since it was inhabited by English Mercenary Knight John Hawkwood from Kent in the 15th century, known in Florentine history as Giovanni Acuto. We arrive at the Church of Montecchio and take the medieval road to the Castle. The castle,  very unfortunately, is not open to the public but only to the friends of a certain “countess” who lives there. Now our path is pretty rough and steep, then downhill for about 1,5Km up to Villa Schiatti, passing through Contrada San Silvestro. When we leave St Francis’ footpath, to turn right onto an easy road quite leveled; we pass by Contrada Fonte del Mazza, Borgo San Pietro, Tavernelle, San Martino, Santa Lucia, and we are at Sodo near the gates of Cortona. Before we walk into the famous town, we pay a visit to the Etruscan tombs, which are across the SS71, in a locality called Molino. There is a huge barrow or mound over 100 m in diameter with a monumental, ceremonial staircase with two sphinxes on the sides, leading to a platform used for celebrating the funeral, and to burial chambers. The syle is “Orientalizing” and the date is 7th-6th BC, a period of close relationships with the Near East. In order to enter Cortona we return to Santa Lucia where, turning right sulla SS71, turning right on SS71 and after 100 m left, we turn right to SP 34 of Sodo that we follow for 700 m, when we turn left, again to avoid the traffic, in a secondary road around the hill where is the cemetery of the city; after 800 m we are in the parking; than we take SP34 of Sodo, then Via Roma.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani end Download File PDF

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How to arrive

From airport (BOLOGNA, FIRENZE, PISA) to Arezzo FS Railway Station; from PERUGIA to Perugia  FS Railway Station TRAIN – ( Arezzo FS Railway Station – Castiglion Fiorentino FS Railway Station; Perugia FS Railway Station – Castiglion Fiorentino FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – bus route ( Arezzo FS Railway Station – Rigutino -Castiglion Fiorentino FS Railway Station

Where to eat

  TYPICAL DISHES = Cortonaweb TYPICAL DISHES = Tuscany    
Conad Via Senese Aretina,79 – 52043 CASTIGLION FIORENTINO      
Crai Rigutino Nord,74 – 52040 RIGUTINO      
Albergo Ristorante Portole Località Portole,39 52044 CORTONA AR 0575-691008 / 335-7871519

Where to sleep

Albergo Ristorante Portole Località Portole,39 52044 CORTONA AR 0575-691008 / 335-7871519
La Sosta del Pellegrino – Parrocchia Strada Provinciale Val Di Pierle – Metelliano – 52044 CORTONA-AR 0575-080020 / 335-8044466 Arrangement
Casa di accoglienza Santa Margherita S.Margherita, 2 52044 CORTONA-AR 349-1811181 / 334-9185689;
B&B Pupa Loc.Riccio di Ossaia – 52044 CORTONA-AR 0575-67663 / 339-5444682    
Hotel Sabrina Via Roma 37 – 52044 CORTONA-AR 0575-630397
Ostello S. Marco (at the moment it is closed) Via Maffei, 57 – 52044 CORTONA 0575 601392
Foresteria del Monastero della SS.Trinità (monache cistercensi) via San Niccolò, 2 – 52044 CORTONA-AR 0575-603345  
Congregazione Sorelle dei Poveri di S.Caterina da Siena via Santa Margherita,47 – 52044 CORTONA-AR 0575-630343  
Convento Le Celle – Foretesteria (in autogestione) Strada dei Cappuccini,1   52044 CORTONA-AR 0575-603362    
B&B Gabri Loc. Riccio, 47 – 52044 CORTONA-AR 334 5698549
 I Colori Del Sodo Loc. Sodo,20 – 52044 CORTONA-AR 334-6001347  

Bike Service

Fortini Gian Luca Località Case Sparse-Ossaia,32/d – 52044 CORTONA AR  0575-630530    


Pilgrim Service

Ufficio del Turismo di Cortona Piazza Signorelli 52044 CORTONA AR 0575-637221
Incoming Tour Operator
Via Guelda 24/26 52044 CORTONA AR 0575-1645310 / 348 7653653

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