83 – (ITA STAGE 35) – Pozzuolo – Paciano

Place of Departure POZZUOLO
Place of Arrival PACIANO
Length – KM
Nation of the route Italy
Region Umbria
Uphill Gap
400 m
Downhill Gap
360 m
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability Foot


Stage 35 – Castiglione del Lago- Paciano – Short and easy stage. The route runs on the ridge between Lake Chiusi and Trasimeno. Rolling hills, all cultivated and rich in vineyards.

After stopping in Pozzuolo, continue walking along the ridge, bearing in mind that the historic route has been almost completely replaced by the current paved road – which you deliberately leave at times to rest your feet. The route dates back to the time of the Etruscans who used it to avoid the marshy and therefore unhealthy areas of the current reclaimed plains around the lakes of Montepulciano, Chiusi, Trasimeno. A landscape to admire, very lively with excellent views of the lakes and the agglomerations of houses on small hills. If well informed, or with a good local guide, you can visit Etruscan tombs and archaeological excavations. From Pozzuolo towards Casamaggiore and then go to Gioiella following the SP 301. Taking the cart track Via La Villa, you come across a small photovoltaic system. From Gioiella you go to Vaiano. (Cyclists go on the Via Bassa-SP 301 up to Villastrada). Following the Via Ripida road, after a few detours you reach the crossroads with the Poggio del Sole road. Taking the SP 301 you reach Villastrada. In the centre, a little further on, it is worth visiting a beautiful ceramic mural, representing the Via Romea sul Trasimeno, made by a local association. There are refreshments here. Immediately after a rare vision of millenary olive trees; then you go further, on the SP 301 up to Cantagallina. We continue to descend; after crossing a small agglomeration of farmhouses, at the bottom of the valley, you follow the railway. Once underpassed, you arrive at the reclamation canal and cross it. Take the road Via Vocabolo Tre Case and continue to climb. (cyclists continue straight on Via Vocabolo Malalbergo, up to Caselle). After crossing the small hamlet of Caselle, you arrive in Paciano through the Porta Fiorentina.

CONNECTION: for those who have stayed in Castiglione del Lago instead, go back to the lakefront, Via Divisione Partigiana Garibaldi and go towards the station. You pass in front of the cemetery, and you pass under the railway. We take the road taken from Pozzuolo to Castiglione del Lago. We go to Ranciano. Then Pescia; go towards Via Palazzetta and then, along a country road, you reach Sanfatucchio. After the locality of Bracacci, go back to the main road that comes from Pozzuolo and go towards Paciano. In total this piece is about 12.5 km. In total, from Castiglione del Lago to Paciano there are about 26 km.

35 – Points of Interest

Paciano – It is a town of 988 inhabitants of the province of Perugia, in Umbria. It is included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. The medieval town is located on Mount Petrarvella where, in ancient times, there was a temple consecrated to the god Janus. It was founded around the 14th century. The ruins of an older village located just a short distance from the town, its origins are made clear by the old walls and towers, the four access gates, and the Tower of Orlando. From Porta Fiorentina you reach Piazza della Repubblica with the Palazzo del Municipio (Town Hall), and walking along the various orthogonal alleys you meet the various churches: Church of St. Joseph, Church of St. Mary and the Church of San Carlo Borromeo which, characterized by an elegant 17th-century portal, hosts among the paintings of local painters also those of Francesco da Castel della Pieve, considered the teacher of Perugino. Via Sensini is overlooked by the aristocratic Palazzo Baldeschi, now the headquarters of the TrasiMemo Museum – Trasimeno Memory Bank where we can also find the info-point.

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How to arrive

From airport (ROMA CIAMPINO, ROMA FIUMICINO) to Roma/Termini FS Railway Station; from PERUGIA to Perugia FS Railway Station TRAIN – ( Roma  FS Railway Station- Castiglion del Lago FS Railway Station BUS/LOCAL TRAIN – bus route from Perugia ( to Castiglion del Lago; from Castiglion del Lago (

Where to eat

  Typical Dishes = Tipicamenteumbria Typical Dishes = Buonissimo  Typical Dishes = Gambero Rosso  
Conad Via Garibaldi – 06061 GIOIELLA CASTIGLIONE DEL LAGO      
Conad Via Fioretti,22 – 06067 POZZUOLO CASTIGLIONE DEL LAGO      
Conad Via Nazionale,32 – 06067 POZZUOLO CASTIGLIONE DEL LAGO      
Coop Largo Unità d’Italia,7 – FABRO SCALO      
Albergo “Il Casale” Via Cerreto, 50 – 06060 PACIANO – PG 075-830465 348-3018414;
Agriturismo Poderaccio Alto Via Poderaccio Alto,16 – 06060 PACIANO PG 075 9001029 / 348 4664618 / 334 1153273
Agriturismo La Terrazza Cantagallina, 06061 CASTIGLIONE DEL LAGO – PG 075-837326  

Where to sleep

Bike Service

Agriturismo Poderaccio Alto Via Poderaccio Alto,16 – 06060 PACIANO PG 075 9001029 / 348 4664618 / 334 1153273


Pilgrim Service

COMUNE DI PACIANO Piazza della Repubblica,4 – 06060 PACIANO PG 075 830186

Photos from the Track