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Relive ‘ITA VRG 42 Viterbo-Vetralla’

Monday 34° / 21 ° CTuesday 37° / 21 ° CWednesday 36° / 21 ° C
Place of Departure VITERBO
Place of Arrival VETRALLA
Length – KM
Nation of the route Italy
Region Lazio
Uphill Gap
Downhill Gap
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability Foot
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The town of Viterbo has ancient origins (it is believed that the name Viterbo comes from the Latin Urbs Vetus, i.e. Old City) and has a large medieval core, with some well-preserved neighborhoods, walled and surrounded by modern districts, except to the west, where it extends into archaeological and Spa areas (the necropolis of Castel d’Asso, the spring Bullicame). Viterbo is historically known as City of the Popes: in the thirteenth century was in fact the see of the papacy for about 24 years, the Papal Palace was home or the place where were several popes had been elected. The necropolis of Castel d’Asso is an archaeological site that contains Etruscan tombs dating from the fourth and second century BC.  Castel d’Asso lies 6.5 km south-west of Viterbo. The necropolis was discovered in 1817 and it is located along ravines overlooking Freddano valley. The tombs are carved into volcanic tuff superimposed on two or three levels. The dominant form of the tombs is called “dado”(a “dice”), with simple or more complex facades consisting of three superimposed elements: the façade, the subheading and the burial chamber itself. All the façades are characterized by a series of classical entrance doors and especially by false doors, leading to the afterlife, shown by a significant thickness of the frieze that is repeated in the room on the underside engraved Etruscan inscriptions that probably indicate the name of the tomb, as well as the buried. All graves testify to their reuse in subsequent centuries by peasants and shepherds who visited the region.

We resumed our journey leaving the Loggia of the Popes; we go down the steps under the arch of the loggia and turn left to follow via S. Clemente that leads us to the foot of the hill where the Cathedral and the city are found. We shall leave from the walls through Porta di Valle, we take Strada Signorino, cut into the rock, proceed for 1km and cross via San Nicolao, 3.3 km then pass the SS675, we are at Castel d’Asso, that is an archeological site worth visiting for its necropolis. We follow to the left the highway for over 2 km until we find the underpass after the junction with the SS2; here turn left, then right, on for 400 m, we get over a stream and continue for another 300 m, where we turn left and proceed for 1 km; we turn to the right and after 800 m we meet Strada Quartuccio, where we turn left; 500 m and pass the SS2 and take Via  Sasso San Pellegrino: Note that we are going through an agricultural area dedicated to the cultivation of hazelnuts. 700 m and turn right, then go left, 800 m and Strada Ciavalletta  for 250 m, and turn right, cross a stream, then on the left, then immediately right for 100 m along the torrent, left again and we move to leave the suburb of Pian di San Martino on our right. We are going through a rather uneven ground with reliefs, but without difficulty. We advance to 1 km with curves and bends and we arrive at a crossroads, where we turn right. Another 1.5 kilometers and we arrive in Strada Forocassio or SP10; 200 m more, then turn right and then take the left road which in 500 m brings us to the outskirts of Vetralla. We enter the town along Via Selvarella, cross Piazza San Severo, we spend the SR2 and continue on Via Della Pietà, on the far right Piazza della Rocca, the inland Via Cassia and we will be in the center of Vetralla.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani end Download File PDF

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How to arrive

Roma-Ciampino airport (www. > shuttle from Ciampino to Termini FS Railway Station; Roma-Fiumicino airport (www. > shuttle from Fiumicino FS Railway Station to Termini FS Railway Station TRAIN – Tiburtina/Termini/Ostiense FS Railway Station to Viterbo FS Railway Station

Where to eat

TYPICAL DISHES = Wikipedia-Roman Cuisine
Coop Via De Bellis – 01100 RIELLO VITERBO
Eurospin Via Tangenziale Ovest, 25 – 01100 VITERBO
Eurospin Via Villanova – 01100 VITERBO
Lidl Via A.Polidori,60 – 01100 VITERBO
Da Benedetta-restaurant Via della Pieta,76 – 01019 VETRALLA-VT 347-6210901 / 347-6807592;
Hotel Da Benedetta Via Petrarca – 01019 VETRALLA;  Con ristorante vicino, stessa proprietà 0761-460093

Where to sleep

Da Benedetta-restaurant Via della Pieta,76 – 01019 VETRALLA-VT 347-6210901 / 347-6807592;
Hotel Da Benedetta Via Petrarca – 01019 VETRALLA;  Con ristorante vicino, stessa proprietà 0761-460093
Monastero Benedettine Strada del Giardino – 01019  VETRALLA VT 0761-481519

Bike Service

Pilgrim Service

Pietro Labate – Authorized Guide Via delle Monache, 3 – 01100 VITERBO 349-4409855
Comune di Vetralla Piazza Umberto I, 1 – 01019 VETRALLA – VT 0761 46691
Luggage Transport Via del Castro Pretorio, 32 – ROMA 366-2676760

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