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Relive ‘ITA VRG 44 Sutri-Campagnano di Roma’

Saturday 34° / 21 ° CSunday 38° / 22 ° CMonday 37° / 21 ° C
Place of Departure SUTRI
Length – KM
Nation of the route Italy
Region Lazio
Uphill Gap
Downhill Gap
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability Foot
File (.KMZ)to follow the way File .kmz
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“The future of the papacy, ruler of the world, was decided during the’ meeting between Pope Gregory II and the Lombard king Liutprand on the slopes of Monte Mario “, wrote Gregorovius in his history of the popes. In fact, that meeting gave the opportunity to the Roman Pontiff to exercise its primacy. Liutprando bowed at his feet, asked and obtained forgiveness. It was the year 728 and just then began the temporal power of the popes of which SUTRI, now in the province of Viterbo, was the first territory to be given as a gift to the pope by the same Liutprando. The story is remembered in the town of  Sutri of Tuscia on the Via Cassia, about 50 kilometers from Rome. Sutri, moreover, is worth a visit for its rich artistic and monumental heritage. Legend has it that its founder was Saturn. Crossed by the Via Francigena, and for centuries by pilgrims to Rome, Sutri, who was the ‘last stop before completing the journey that led them to Monte Mario, still it shows the remains of pre-Roman and Roman civilization piling up in the Archaeological Park of Poggio Salvorelli, a short distance from the Old Gate or Franceta Gate which leads to ‘old village. Still in the same area is the amphitheater dating back to’ the Augustan age, entirely excavated in the tuff with a great dramatic effect. Striking are the rock tombs of the VI-IV century BC  like niches in the rock wall. Going up on a nearby hill you will reach Villa Salvorelli in the park where there are the ruins of Charlemagne’s castle that was afterwards the residence of the Anguillara family.

Things to see: Santa Maria Assunta, San Francesco, San Silvestro, Villa Salvorelli, Old Gate, Tower of the Arraggiati, Sutri Roman amphitheater, Necropolis of Sutri, Catacomb of San Giovenale

MONTEROSI– Monterosi is gathered all around its core, has played, in the past, an important strategic role. The passage of the Via Cassia favored economic and cultural exchanges with the rest of Etruria, which enabled Monterosi, and other neighboring countries, to develop culturally and economically. Of course, for the same reason, Monterosi was also the victim of numerous attacks and looting . Romans, Goths and Lombards went from Monterosi. Initially located on the hill that dominates it today. Around 1400, in a period of relative calm, the town moved to the valley. Monterosi is remembered in the history books because of memorable events of the theater: in 1155 it was the site chosen by Pope Adrian IV to meet Frederick Barbarossa who was to be crowned emperor.  Barbarossa refused on that occasion to hold the bracket to the pope who had to climb on horseback. (Wikipedia) Attractions- Church of Santa Croce, Palazzo Cardinals

We leave Santa Maria Assunta, the Cathedral of Sutri, turn right and take Via XXIV Maggio which leads us along a beautiful tree-lined avenue; we cross the meeting space of SR2 with the SP82 and follow for 100 m the footpath; we pass the tunnel under the SP82 and arrive in front of the Roman theater; 100 m along the SP82, then turn right and go back in the countryside. 300m and pass a cross, the other 450m in the midst of hazelnut and we are on the SP40 and follow it for 650m, up on SR2 we leave immediately turning right again onto the SP40. We follow this, unfortunately paved, for 1.6 km, jumping all the crossings from right and left, until we turn 300 m left before Vallicella agricultural estate. We surpass this estate, complete with a heliport and continue for a further 1.8 km among tree crops. Double junction, turn right: on the left we leave San Martino. We continue on the road through a number of golf courses and we are 2.8 km from Monterosi. We enter the town along Via Vecchia Sutri, then via Roma; turn left in Via the Befallen of all Wars, we overcome the SR2 and 400 m walk along the side to SR2, when we turn left in Via della Salita and in 2.2 km we arrive on the SP38, right by the remains of the ancient Via Amerina. We cross it and proceed on Via Cascimone for another 2.2 km; we arrive in via Ronci, where we turn right, 500 m and turn right again continuing on via Ronci other 1.2 km and arrive at SP37. We cross it and we move on the municipal road Monte Gelato that we follow for 1 km and we are in the park Treja Valley with Monte Gelato waterfalls. We wander the park and after 500 m turn left, 900 m and turn right; we walk for 2 km and we meet on our right the way to the circuit of Vallelunga. If we are not racing fans, we continue for another 2.7 km and are in Campagnano we enter turn right, then left on Via S. Giovanni.

For the description of the route see the Guide of Simone Frignani end Download File PDF

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How to arrive

Roma-Ciampino airport (www. > shuttle from Ciampino to Termini FS Railway Station; Roma-Fiumicino airport (www. > shuttle from Fiumicino FS Railway Station to Termini FS Railway Station TRAIN – Tiburtina/Termini/Ostiense FS Railway Station – Sutri FS Railway Station  

Where to eat

TYPICAL DISHES = Wikipedia-Roman Cuisine      
Dico Via Prato della Fontana – 01030 MONTEROSI      
B&B Case nel Borgo Via S.Andrea,65 – 00063 CAMPAGNANO 331-6004982  338-2868402
Casa per Pellegrini e Turisti “La Campana” Via Roma – 01030 MONTEROSI VT 338-1122297
Hotel Ristorante Benigni Via della Vittoria 13 – 00063 CAMPAGNANO ROMA 06 9042671

Where to sleep

Bike Service


Associazione Equestre Clodia (Vincenzo Remoli) 01010 ORIOLO ROMANO – RM 339-1659102
Oasi di Monte Gelato (Antonio de Sanctis) 00060 MAZZANO ROMANO – RM 349-7145899

Pilgrim Service

Pietro Labate – Authorized Guide Via delle Monache, 3 – 01100 VITERBO 349-4409855
Luggage Transport Via del Castro Pretorio, 32 –  ROMA 366-2676760
COMUNE DI MONTEROSI Via Urbano del Drago,37 – 01030 MONTEROSI VT
Campagnano CAR Transfer – Antonello   338-2868402    

Photos from the Track