14 – (GER 14) – Ebeleben – Bad Langensalza

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Wednesday 24° / 17 ° CThursday 25° / 18 ° CFriday 24° / 17 ° C
Place of Departure EBELEBEN
Place of Arrival BAD LANGENSALZA
Length – KM 24
Nation of the route Germany
Region Thuringia
Uphill Gap 231 mt.
Downhill Gap 271 mt.
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Percorribilità  Foot
File (.KMZ)per seguire il cammino File .kmz
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Ebeleben – Here we have another stage with no significant altitudes, in a purely agricultural environment, with possibility of refreshment in the various towns and villages crossed. From this small village we return on the 249 walking first along the Marksussra due North, then, turning right on to the Thomas Muntzer Siedlung; we turn left returning on the 249, and sharp to the right; after crossing the railway, we take the Rockstedterweg which in a stroll will take us to Rockstedt. Having crossed the centre of the village we turn right on the Lange Strasse, which we follow until we cross the river, then we turn left on the Abtsbessinger Strasse which we follow for 2,3 km across a beautiful country, and we arrive at  Abtsbessingen, a village with 500 inhabitants. We enter the village along the Bellstedterstrasse which turns right then left taking us on to the Hauptstrasse or L1041, which we leave after 500 m to turn right on the Sudstrasse and we return into open country. On a long straight road for 2 km, then we turn right for a further 2 km and we arrive at the village of Allmenhausen. We arrive then on road 84, we turn left, and left again and we are on the L2092 which takes us back into open farmland. 400 m on we turn right and again a long straight walk of just over 1 km will be before us, at the end we turn right and enter some woodland and stay within it for 1,6 km; out of the wood, into farmland for a further 1,6 km and we arrive at Blankenburg. We cross the village along the Freierbessinger weg, continuing along the Bei der Kirche, then the Hohltor which turns right and after 270 m turns left into open country. We follow this road for 1,7 km in a nearly straight line up to a three-ways junction where we take to the right: a little over 2 km and we reach Kirchheilingen, another small village, which we cross by the Bruchstedterweg, we cross the 84, continuing on the Breite Gasse, 200 m and turn left on the Hauptstrasse which we follow until regaining the 84 or Langensalzastrasse; we cross it and take to the right the Bahnhofstrasse; 300 m and we turn right, 500 m and cross again the 84: here before us the field lane begins, which takes us to skirt the very small villages of: Kleinwelsbach (2,5 km), Grosswelsbach (2,4 km). We turn left after the latter to follow and then enter the L1031 with which, in a straight line for 2,6 km to enter Thamsbruck. We walk around the village along the Grosswelsbacher Strasse, at the end of this road at the junction of three roads we take the Merxlebener weg which we leave after 500 m past the football pitch, turning right and proceed for 2,5 km passing behind the water purification systems of the town; we then arrive at a junction where we turn right and after 500 m we will be in the outskirts of Bad Langensalza; we enter the city at the second crossing on the left walking along the Rasenmuhlenweg, then, still on the left, the Klostergasse, up to enter on the 84 and turning right on the Vor dem Klagetor, which we follow past two crossroads to proceed to the third crossroad on the Hungelsgasse; 100 m and we turn left on the Kepfe, then the Judengasse; 300 m on we turn right and we arrive at the church of St. Boniface: a further 150 m and we are in front of the Rathaus.

G.Caselli e Th.Dahms   Via Romea Stade-Mittenwald Pilgerfuher Duetschland  Ostfalia

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