15 – (GER 15) – Bad Langensalza – Gota

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Thursday 16° / 14 ° CFriday 19° / 16 ° CSaturday 20° / 17 ° C
Place of Departure BAD LANGENSALZA
Place of Arrival GOTA
Length – KM 20
Nation of the route Germany
Region Thuringia
Uphill Gap 210 mt.
Downhill Gap 110 mt.
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability  Foot
File (.KMZ) File .kmz
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Bad Langensalza – This is a stage which may be described as “relaxing” from many points of view: the right length, in an environment, without notable hill or ups and downs, only gentle hills and with cultivated farmland. We start from the Town Hall and take the Rathausstrasse, then Lange Strasse, we turn left on the Sm Plan Stemweg, we pass two crossroads, we continue along the Banhofstrasse, at the end of which we again turn left to take the Gothaer Landstrasse, we cross the railway line, we take the second road to the left, the Im Oberfelde, along a second railway, we cross road 84 cross the railway, take the second road on our left, the Im Oberfelde along a second railway; we cross road 84, a few more metres and we turn right, over the railway we cross the 84, a few metres more, we turn right over the railway line and follow it for 1 km along a field lane, we cross the railway on the left we reach the L2125, we turn right , 800 m, again to the right and we arrive at Illeben, a tiny village with a fine church bell tower out of the village, we return to the railway which we cross on the left we continue for 900 m along the railway line, then follow the lane to cross the railway and enter Eckardtsleben, a second small village with a notable bell tower. We again walk around the village, on the left; we take the first road on the left then sharp to the right on a road through the fields which we follow straight for 1,2 km, when we turn right; over the railway and cross Aschara. We pass through the industrial estate, turn left and cross the torrent Weiber Bach, 300 m and turn right, then to the left; we walk along the edges of fields keeping our direction, for 600 m, then turn right for 1 km, then 150 m to the left and on road 247, 1 Km more on the left, 2,5 km on the right and we arrive straight at Westhausen, yet another small village, which we pass by turning first to the left and then right along the Kirchstrasse, again to the right and then to the left on the Feuergasse which goes over two torrents as we approach Warza, we walk for less than 2 km along the Alte Strasse. At the first crossroad we carry on straight on the Langensalzaerstrasse for 350 m; we arrive on the 247, turn left then sharp right on the Neustadter Wag which takes us directly to Ramstad in 1,6 km. We enter the village along the Warzaerstrasse, turn right, then left on the Hauptstrasse, continuing on the Am Furtfeld which takes us outside the village; we turn right, we cross a torrent and follow it up to the water purification plants where we take the Remstadter Weg which takes us to GothaWe enter Gotha following the Breite Gasse, then the Remstadter Strasse; we cross road 7, we turn right on the Erfurter Wall, we continue on the Gerbergasse, then on the left and sharp to the right on the Marktstrasse and we are in the town centre.

G.Caselli e Th.Dahms   Via Romea Stade-Mittenwald Pilgerfuher Duetschland  Ostfalia

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