29 – (GER 29) – Schillingsfurst – Feuchtwangen

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Thursday 15° / 9 ° CFriday 16° / 11 ° CSaturday 17° / 14 ° C
Place of Departure SCHILLINGSFURST
Place of Arrival FEUCHTWANGEN
Length – KM 20
Nation of the route Germany
Region Bavaria
Uphill Gap 259 mt.
Downhill Gap 276 mt.
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability  Foot
File (.KMZ) File .kmz
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Schillingsfürst is a municipality of 2.850 inhabitants; it boasts an 18th c. Baroque Castle, the property of the Princes of HohenloheSchillingfurst: it has 70 rooms lit by 365 windows, one for each day of the year. The Castle offers the visitor a museum with precious interior decorations, with accurate details; it has, beyond a series of opulent halls, a Museum of Falconry with a small zoo where it is possible to admire various species of hawks, from numerous countries of the world.
Now we are about to tackle a stage in an alternate environment, between agricultural areas and woodlands at an altitude of 400 to 500 m above sea level, with a sprinkle of villages all along the way. We leave from the Am Wallwhere a fine fountain, with its position indicates with a stone in its centre, the watershed between the basins of two rivers: the Danube and the Rhein. We take the Alte Gasse, and continue on the Burgemeister-Pflaumer Strasse, turning right we walk along the Hohe Strasse which we leave at the crossroad when we turn left on to the Schneiderei which in 600 m takes us on the St2246. We cross the road and on the left a narrow lane which for a while we follow the highway, then it turns right and in 600 m takes us to a group of houses which form the Ziegelhutte. Past the last houses, we turn right, then left and enter a woodland for 1 km, at the end, after a short descent, we find ourselves in the fields, a few more meters and we arrive at the road which by turning right will take us to Ziegelhaus; continuing along the same road in 1,3 km we arrive at Kloster Sulz. We arrive in the village turning left on the Bergstrasse; on the small central square, the Dorfplatz, we turn again left on the AN4 which we follow for 400 m, to turn right, we cross the railway and 1,3 km on we arrive in Bortenberg, yet another tiny village, with on our right the Torrent Sulzach and the railway. Continuing along the fields for 1,7 km, by bypass on our left the village of Baimhofen and arrive on road 6 which we underpass and in 400 m we arrive at the village of Wehlberg, at the centre of which we turn right on the Bahnhofstrasse, which we leave after 200 m to turn left and to continue to cross fields for 800 m. We enter another stretch of woodland, we turn right, a steep hill for 500 m and we find again fields. One km more and we arrive at Hinterbreitenthann which we cross without changing direction; 700 m more and we will be in Vorderbreitenthann, yet another small village. At the centre of this village we turn right on the St1066 which we leave after 200 m to turn right and left, downhill towards a swampy depression with numerous ponds, then uphill, past it, we walk along the side of the St1066 for 400 m, turn right, past another small hamlet Glashofen, and continue across the fields, through and partially wooded area and arrive on the St1066 and we shall be in the outskirts of Feuchtwangen. Surpassed St1066, we again cross fields next to the houses, enter the town turning to the right on the Ottonenweg, again on the right, on the Karolingerstrasse, on the left on the Salierweg w which we leave to continue straight on the Merowingerweg. Turning right we arrive on the Ansbacher Strasse, 500 m turning left on the Ringstrasse, 300 m on the right, on the Jahnstrasse, 150 m and we are in the centre of Feuchtwangen.

G.Caselli e Th.Dahms   Via Romea Stade-Mittenwald Pilgerfuher Duetschland  Ostfalia

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