40 – (GER 40) – Fuchstal-Schongau

Place of Departure FUCHSTAL/REICLING
Place of Arrival SCHONGAU
Length – KM 19
Nation of the route Germany
Region Bavaria
Uphill Gap 104 mt.
Downhill Gap 73 mt.
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability  Foot
File (.KMZ) File .kmz
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Fuchstal – A small village of about 3.600 inhabitants, a stronghold in the past it was known as a market place, specialized in ironworks.

Leaving the village from the church, we retrace our steps for 100 m and turn right on the Hauptstrasse which we follow turning first on the leaf then right to reach the LL16 and we reach the open country. 1,8 km and we arrive at Denklingen, another small village of less than 3000 inhabitants; we enter the village from North West, we cross the railway, turning left then sharp right on the Gewerbestrasse which takes us back into open country. Again a fine walk of over 3 km, through open countryside, then we cross again the railway, and walk through a tract of forest. Out of the forest we cross again the railway and we walk next to road 17 for 400 m and by the junction with the St2055, turning right again, and again across the railway and on the Bahnhofstrasse. 200 m and we turn left to start a walk, first along a woodland, then inside a forest, 1,3 km, to return into open country and prepare to reach Hohenfurch. Now the area we are walking through is more densely inhabited and we pass from an urban centre to the next in continuity up till Schongau. We skirt the westernmost part of Hohenfurc, passing from the Tannenweg to the Buchenweg. We turn right, we cross the railway line again and take the Hohenfurcher Strasse on which we cross Schwabiederhofen; 1 km and at the crossroad we turn left on the Oberdorfstrasse which we follow, turning left, and out of the urban area; we continue straight on the Niederhofener Strasse, for 1 km, and we are in Altenstadt. We overpass the roundabout, we take Burglachbergerstrasse, turn left on the Kanzleiweg, we pass in front of the Town Hall, turn left, then sharp right on the Schongauer Strasse which we follow up to beyond the 17, when we turn right on the Altenstadter Strasse; We reach the crossroad with the Bahnhofen Strasse and we cross to go up to the walls of Schongau, walking along the Am Maxtor; we enter into the centre walking first along the Christofstrasse, then left on the Weinstrasse, right on the Marienplatz and we will have entered the historical centre of Schongau.

If instead we have halted at Reichling, then we descend to Epfach, where we come across the Via Claudia Augusta and follow this route which continues to follow the river Lech, even though the river still runs lower down. After the first few km we pass EpfachKinsauHohenfurch, and leave beautiful meadows to enter a dense forest which we will leave at Swith the Schongau. Descending to the river Lech, we stand beside the railway station, turn right to cross it, we take the Lechberg and walk up to the town centre. We flank the railway station, and we turn left to bypass the station.

G.Caselli e Th.Dahms   Via Romea Stade-Mittenwald Pilgerfuher Duetschland  Ostfalia

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