44 – (GER 44) – Gramisch-Partenkirchen – Mittenwald

Place of Departure GRAMISCH
Place of Arrival MITTENWALD
Length – KM 19
Nation of the route Germany
Region Bavaria
Uphill Gap 483 mt.
Downhill Gap 279 mt.
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability  Foot
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Garmisch-Partenkirchen – A Municipality in the Lander of Bavaria, in the southern part of Upper Bavaria, and it is the most famous skiing resort the Bavarian Alps. At about 12 km south west of the town is the peak of Zuqspitze (2.962 m), the highest mountain in Germany. We are now approaching the border with Austria and so far we have walked a little less than 100 km, Austria is only 30 km away. We resume our walk starting from Rathausplatz and we go North East, toward the mountain. We cross road 2 and continue along the Ludwigstrasse; at the crossroad we go right still on the Ludwigstrasse which we follow up to where it turns right again, while we continue straight on the Dr. Wigger Strasse the Gsteigstrasse, a paved road, uphill, very attractive on account of the forest which it crosses for the best part of 5 km. We arrive at Kaltenbrunn and we would have reached 900 m above sea level. Now we gradually descend, we underpass road 2, and continue on a cycling lane next to the railway line on the right, we again underpass road 2, we go up towards the small village of Gerold and by the last house we turn right and again underpass road 2. We now return along the railway: 2 km and we shall be at Klais a small village with an excellent refreshment point. Entering the village we find on our right a quaint chapel; 100 m ahead, on our right, we begin the historical-archaeological route which tells, with clear captions, of the antiquity of the route, hewn out of the bedrock. We walk on with a measure of excitement, this brief stretch of road through the woods, aware that we are treading on the footsteps of ancient people; going uphill we arrive at an area of incredibly well groomed meadows, of which we will enjoy the sight until we cross the ridge that separates us from the valley of the river Isar, therefore from Mittenwald. We now cross both road St2542 and the railway to follow the route which with a broad detour which makes the rise less steep in reaching the height of 1000 m above sea level. At the top we find a beautiful farmstead, where goats are reared and refreshments offered. Beyond the ridge, down below, is the river Iskar which crosses the industrial district of Mittenwald, and which carries its waters to Munich. Past the farm we turn left, and then right, a brief uphill rise leads to a hostel, soon after we begin to descend gradually for about 2 km and return across the St2542, precisely on top, on the right of the railway underpass. Shortly after the underpass we take a flight of steps that takes us at the level of the rails, which we cross to take a footpath which in 150 m will take us onto the lane through the woods which in its turn takes us again to crossing the railway line and to step down to the pavement of the St2542. At the first crossroad we carry on straight ahead the Goethestrasse, at the crossroad we turn left, we cross a stream which we follow along a narrow footpath on the right. We continue on the Am Anger, then on the Partenkirchnerstrasse, then left on the Bahnhofstrasse, again on the left and we are in the centre of Mittenwald.

G.Caselli e Th.Dahms   Via Romea Stade-Mittenwald Pilgerfuher Duetschland  Ostfalia

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