48 – (A 3) – Matrei am Brenner – Brennero

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Place of Departure MATREI AM BRENNER
Place of Arrival BRENNERO
Length – KM 20
Nation of the route Austria
Region Tyrol
Uphill Gap 821 mt.
Downhill Gap 462 mt.
CAI (Diff. Escurs.) E
Praticability  Foot
File (.KMZ) File .kmz
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Matrei am Brenner is situated along the Wipptal at an altitude of 992 m, next to the River Sill. At Mulbachl the road going north forks: one runs along the valley along the river to reach Innsbruck, the other on the eastern bank, with a tortuous course crosses Patsch, Lans and Ampass, reaching Hall in Tirol. The first is the route travelled by the Germanic Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, through the Scharnitz pass, to reach Rome for their Coronation.
One more high stage, with three rather thought step hills: one such hill comes at the start from Matrei, the second comes when we pass onto the other flank of age valley, over the motorway. The third as we arrive at the Brenner Pass, but this is more gradual; rather engaging is also the descent when we return own the other side of the motorway after the second steep hill. Resuming our walk from Matrei returning for a while on our path on the Bernstein, which takes us across the railway; we turn right on the Ausserweg which we follow up to a Muhlen, then we continue towards Tienzens, getting over the first hill.  At Tienzens we turn right and follow the Tienzens road, then the Mauern which in 2 km, in a gentle downhill walk will take us exactly to Mauern. Continuing in the same direction after 1 km we shall arrive at Steinach am Brenner. We shall pass the entire town , we pass the  railway  and we follow the Padasterweg to the Siegreith; we go again to right and we surpass the river  for take  at right the Radweg Steinach Staffla, which takes to Stafflach: 2,4 km along a fine path through the woods, above the railway, which runs partly through tunnels with a fine view of the valley. We descend to Stafflach, we cross the railway and the river and we prepare to face a tough uphill walk 1 km long with a gradient of 200 m to underpass the Brenner Motorway. Continuing our uphill walk, now a little easier, for 2 km more, we cross Nosslach, and then we swiftly go downhill to Griesunder passing the motorway. Having reached the Brenner State Highway we turn right and follow it for 5 km up to the Brenner Pass, in a progressively uphill walk with a gradient of 200 m; watching the traffic, not so intense during weekdays. For a measure of relax and for cooling down we may turn right before the Brenner Lake, along a shaded footpath and finally reach ITALY.

Ferdinand Tremi     Der Pilgerweg nach Rom    Tyrolia

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