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24 September 2016 h: 8:30 - 25 September 2016 h: 15:00


La Verna is the religious and spiritual center of several Walks from the North, South, East and West arrive or pass through one of the dearest places in San Francesco, a Saint who was able to speak to all the men, to all the peoples along eight centuries; and surely he’ll speak to them for other many centuries.

Two days of Walks and Meetings, in the sign of brotherhood; they are organized by the municipality of Chiusi della Verna, with the support and collaboration of many Associations and goodwill men and certainly under the High Patronage of the same St. Francis.

On the next 24 and 25 September these events are going to be held. The Via Romea Germanica participates with conviction and with great passion. We thank Prof. Gianluca Bambi of the University of Florence who was the driving force behind this initiative.

We invite all the Associations and the interested people to partecipate. For those who want and are able, we propose the walk from Bagno di Romagna (Gualchiere) to La Verna, going through Passo Serra.

Even physically it is the most important and tiring stage of the whole Via Romea Germanica, for the Italian stretch and all the way from Stade to Rome.

We thank the Associations that partecipations to the walking of Saturday, 24:

  • I CAI di Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna, Arezzo
  • EsploraMontagne di Bagno di Romagna
  • Il Molino – Protezione Civile di Bertinoro-Fratta
  • Forlimpopoli Cammina – Barcobaleno di Forlimpopoli
  • Acli – Altra Terra di Bagno di Romagna
  • Romagna Pellegrinaggi di Rimini
  • Amici dell’Asino del Casentino
  • ….. and others that will add….

Programme of the Walks Festival in La Verna


1) We start from Bagno di Romagna (Gualchiere area – just beyond the turnoff for the Mandrioli Pass). We climb the Passo Serra and then, on the ridge path, after 23 km we arrive at the Sanctuary.
2) Starting at 8:30, we come at 04,00 p.m. having in mind that we’ll eat something .
3) Upon arrival, who wants, could have a quick snack in the refectory.
4) For those who want to return immediately to the Gualchiere for his car, there is a free bus.
5) For those who want to stay for the Round Table, however, we expect a return to its end (free).
6) Those who want to stay in La Verna for Sunday, they can stay in Chiusi della Verna at a nearby hotel in a social agreement with the City of Chiusi
2016-09-24_25-Festa Cammini-La Verna-planimetria 2016-09-24_25-Festa Cammini-La Verna-Dettagli-cammino



Comune Chiusi della Verna


Santuario La Verna – Chiusi della Verna
Santuario Francescano
Chiusi della Verna - AR, Italia
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