November 14, 2010 – We found an article in TODAY TUSCANY magazine which, in mid-November of 2010, described the Via Romea Of Stade. Since then, we ran a long way and so today we are recognized as the second international route in Italy (after the more famous Via Francigena). The article of the CORRIERE DELLA SERA of July 12, is a proof. Many centuries seem to be gone, but it is less than six years. At the beginning of this “crazy” project, few believed in it. But with the help of our German friends of ROMWEG (now VIA ROMEA STADENSIS), with the confidence of many local administrations, the passion of so many friends, we are able to make an important service to the pilgrims, the people, for a greater integration and dialogue among cultures, religions, different opinions. This is one of the main objectives, before the tourist too: a help to get tight and joined these “rafts” or European “clods” that for various reasons drift. As in past centuries, pilgrimages are synonymous with UNITY, with CIVILIZATION, as Pope John Paul II in Santiago in 1982 well pointed out. – article Toscana Oggi – – article Corriere della Sera – – G.P.II speech –

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