In the summer of the restarts, the Via Romea Germanica also restarts, with a lot of progress to be made, a lot of enthusiasm and renewed objectives, at the service of “pilgrims”, passionate walkers and the territories crossed.
The Assembly of 04 June 2022, chaired by the Mayor of Santa Sofia, one of the founding municipalities, also proceeded with the election of a new Presidency and a new Board of Directors.
Flavio Foietta, one of the founding members of the Italian association Via Romea Germanica, was elected President for the next three years.
As president of the European Via Romea Germanica Association (EAVRG – which also includes the German “Romweg” and the Austrian “Jerusalem Way”) on 8 October 2020, Foietta has brought the historic path to recognition by the Council of Europe as a Cultural Route of European interest, with the awarding of the award last February in Venice.
Ivana Bricca, former member of the previous board and representative for the Umbria – Trasimeno area, was elected Vice President; Cesare Cucinato was elected treasurer, also outgoing councilor and representative for the Alto Adige – Trentino area.
Now the association (the members are 44 Public Bodies and 40 recognized Associations) will have to undertake to maintain the prestigious recognition, with the active collaboration of the many members, not only Public Bodies, Municipalities and voluntary associations, but also of the many supporting members, friends and pilgrims.
There is a lot of work to be done and the new board has already indicated a series of objectives: the involvement of the Regions, the Ministry and various LAGs (to give solidity and structure to the association), maintenance along the entire Italian path, greater involvement in activities of members of Public Bodies and Associations, support for the EAVRG to achieve the objectives required for the European verification at the end of 2023.
In the meantime, the welcome and organization is being prepared for the arrival in Italy of the “Pilgrim Open Horizons”, the initiative that sees a group of pilgrims who have already left from Northern Germany, and some even from Norway, to reach Rome. along the Via Romea Germanica, in the footsteps of the monk Alberto di Stade who in 1.256 left in the Annales Stadenses the indication of his route to Rome, made thirty years earlier.
The members of the new Board were increased from 9 to 13, with the inclusion of some administrators, to better ensure the connection with the vast territory involved.
In addition to Foietta, Bricca and Cucinato, Luigi Polo (outgoing director) and Massimo Cavazzana (mayor of Tribano – PD) for the Veneto, Giacomo Pini di Forlì for Emilia-Romagna, Alessandro Vasarri (former president of CAI Arezzo) and Gianluca Bambi are part of it. (expert in university walks) and Devis Milighetti (deputy mayor of Castiglion Fiorentino – AR) for Tuscany, Matteo Burico (mayor of Castiglione del Lago – PG) for Umbria – Trasimeno, Ottavio Capini and Gigi Maravalle (mayor of Ficulle – TR) for Umbria – Orvietano, Mirko Pacioni for Umbria Orvietano and Lazio.