Castrocaro, 01 February 2020
The Via Romea Germanica VRG Association and the European EAVRG Association have an interest in creating synergies with the activities that take place in the context of walking and cycling: real cultural routes.
Our desire to collaborate, the “networking” is in the documents signed with other associations that have given birth and made the various paths grow, aware that this is the only way to develop this theme and create interest in “slow travel” and “ecological travel”.
Another basic principle of the Via Romea Germanica is to create job opportunities, for the territories in general and especially for young people.
AIGAE (Italian Association of Environmental Guides) is a beautiful reality, born from volunteering, which wants to help young people find a specific “mission”, that is to accompany and make appreciate our history, our environment, our culture, our traditions, our values.
From this the thought of a synergy arises spontaneously: the European Association of the Via Romea Germanica, based on the principles of volunteering, wants to make this cultural route known and above all wants to give a service to those who follow it.
Nothing better than hooking qualified people and structures, which can give the maximum guarantee of seriousness, professionalism and availability.
This “Memorandum of Understanding” must be further developed and specified, especially on two fronts, one contingent and one more general:
1) Participation and organization in Italy of the POH (Pilgrim Open Horizons) which will start in June 2020
2) Management for the coming years of the Guide Service on the whole route, not only in Italy but, in perspective, also in Germany and Austria.
We therefore take this act as a prodrome of other specific acts to be signed as soon as possible.