With the Agreement signed yesterday between the Romee Majors, the commitment was made to work together to better organize the structuring, reception, promotion of the Romei Paths in Italy, especially in view of the Great Jubilee of 2025.

The presence of the Church and the Vatican State, represented by Card. Parolin, Secretary of State and by Msgr. Bravi, Vatican delegate to the Council of Europe for Cultural Routes, demonstrates the really high interest and hope that this Agreement holds

It is the first time in Italy that attempts have been made to organize a Unitary Direction of Paths (at least at these levels); it was necessary because today every path, every Association, every Body travels on its own, without a unitary coordination and promotion direction

By joining the many appeals, we ask that our Ministry too, after the 2017 Atlas of Paths, take action for coordination and for real structural and economic support.

We also invite the Regions to contribute in this regard

So far the enormous cultural, spiritual, historical and environmental heritage of our peninsula has brought to Italy only a tenth of the pilgrims who arrive in Santiago every year. Giving substance to this Agreement signed yesterday will not be objectively easy, due to the diversity of the nature and history of our Associations; but the enthusiasm is remarkable and we believe that by the Jubilee of 2025 we will be able to respond to the expectations that Rome, the Vatican State, the Church and many other important subjects, including lay people, place in us

We underline the point of the Agreement which even invites us “to the constitution of a Federation of the Vie Romee, in order to coordinate the policies of the Routes to Rome”

A dutiful “thank you” to Don Raimondo Sinibaldi of the Romea Strata, to Massimo Tedeschi of the Via Francigena and to the managers and friends (Italians, Austrians, Germans) of the Via Romea Germanica who have worked and will work for this agreement

Rome, 11th September 2021
Foietta Flavio (President of the European Association of Via Romea Germanica EAVRG)