Luigi Polo, former Mayor of Anguillara, is a lover of local history and has produced this precious research that concerns a lot the Via Romea Germanica. Anguillara (Padua) is a thriving agricultural center on the Adige (also famous for the cultivation of the American potato or sweet potato), and is in the route between Padua and Ferrara. Located in the Po Valley, from the 16th century and for another following three centuries, it has undergone major reclamations to eliminate swamps and create land suitable for agriculture. Often it was at the center of the struggles between the Lordships of Milan, Venice, Ferrara, as well as most of the Center-North of Italy. Place of passage (among others known, besides that of Monaco Albert of Stade-1236, that of Emperor Frederick II-1452, of Martin Luther-1510, of King Henry II of Valois-1574, of Pope Pius VI-1782, of Goethe-1786), presents itself to the modern pilgrim with a beautiful natural heritage, with the availability and hospitality of its people. A place definitely worth visiting!