The Municipality of Anguillara Veneta (Padua) is the last entry, in order of time, in the board of the Via Romea Germanica. So in November 19, 2018.
Municipality of the Veneto Plain, it has about 4,400 inhabitants and is crossed by the Adige river and the Gorzone canal. It is located between Monselice and Rovigo.
A heartfelt thanks to the Mayor Luigi Polo, who has contributed greatly to choose the historical path and suitable for the journey.
Anguillara is indicated by Monaco Alberto in the Annasles Stadenses:

….. Aqua Transacta, vadas 5 leucas usque Ruvine, 5 iterum ad Anguillariam, 28 ad Paduam….
(Cross the river Po, go for 5 leagues to Rovigo, then 5 to Anguillara, and 28 to Padua)