The appreciation for the Via Romea Germanica project is growing; the Via Romea Germanica today is also a candidate for recognition as a route of European cultural interest. The Emilia-Romagna Region in recent years has launched to support this Slow Tourism, through the Tourist Promotion Company APT Servizi.
There have been many (and still are) opportunities for collaboration, in the Region, in Italy and in Europe. The APT has also built a particular site reserved for the “Paths”.
Today the APT Servizi is a member of the Via Romea Germanica Association; this does us a lot of honor and opens up numerous doors and opportunities for us.
Thanks to the APT Director dott. Emanuele Burioni and Dr. Monica Valeri, head of the “Cammini Project” who follows us with professionalism and friendship. Here we also want to thank the Manager Dr. Roberta Moretti (formerly part of our Technical Scientific Committee), the former President Prof. Liviana Zanetti who started the “Cammini project” and the current President Dr. Davide Cassani.