Wednesday, February 22, 2017, in Arezzo at 15.00 there will be a meeting, organized by the Town Council and in particular by the Councillor Comanducci:
– To illustrate the entry of the City of Arezzo in the Association Via Romea Germanica, approved two months ago
– To explain the reasons and design the future development of the Via Romea Germanica, together with the other Tuscan Municipalities, to the National Park, to the GAL and to all our Italian partners, first of all Arezzo and Tuscany ones…,
– To sign, with the other Tuscan Municipalities, the University of Florence and the National Park, the MEMORANDUM FOR THE DEVELOPMENT, CONSERVATION AND PROMOTION OF THE VIA ROMEA GERMANICA IN THE TUSCAN PART.
It is an important moment, because now all the Tuscan Municipalities crossed by the Via Romea are members of our Association.
Ten days ago the Forum of Francigena took place in Monteriggioni; as well as many personalities, such as Romano Prodi and Francesco Rutelli, the Tuscany Region, represented by the councillor Mr. Ciuoffo, spoke enthusiastically about the importance of the Walk for the Tuscan territory and people.
We wish to repeat, if possible, the wonderful experience of the Francigena …