On Saturday, November 11, 2017, at the Town Hall of Forlì, the Assembly of Via Romea Germanica will be held ;  all members and friends, walkers and not, are invited .
Various points in the Order of the Day, which will be illustrated by the various leaders and will be discussed.
These days it was presented in Rome, by the Minister Mr.Franceschini, the Atlas of the Paths, which sees us present as the International Route. We thank the Minister and Dr. Piacentini, as well as the Regions that have indicated us.
The Ordinary Members (Municipality of Porano, Associazione Acqua) and especially the Supporting Members are also increasing.
We are pleased with distributed Credentials and especially for pilgrims traveling through the Via, with or without Credential. This is the first year in which anyone can travel the Via Romea Germanica in a completely independent way, being marked on the ground, georeferenced and equipped with Guide (Terre di Mezzo)
For the Association is a particularly challenging and important moment, which sees the Association involved in several fields:

  • planning and working with LAGs, especially in Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna; great trip to Santiago de Compostela to know the facilities set up in Galicia

  • planning with the Regions and with the Ministry MIBACT and MIT (Cultural, Tourism, Transports)

  • construction of the Hippovia, after the happy experience of the ride from Cortona

  • requests of Municipalities and Associations to carry out variants and additions to the path


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