On November 4, Minister Dario Franceschini presented the ATLAS OF PATHS, at the end of the activities related to 2016, Year of the Paths. Only 41 were entered, having registered the requirements. Many of these paths are regional, others are interregional and three are international. Among them the Via Romea Germanica, together with Francigena and the new Via Romea Strata.
For us it is a great satisfaction, which encourages us to increasingly promote this project, which must have a European wide-ranging. It is therefore urgent for us the European Association Via Romea Germanica with the Romweg and the Jerusalem Way Associations, and then recognition as a Cultural Route of European Interest. But another challenge is that of networking with other local paths, which are similar to our Via Romea, for territory and typology.
On our way (Melior Via of the Monk Albert) we will bend other ways, so as to create a branching that will bring benefits to a wider territory. In this very happy time, we would like to thank the many persons who gave us their support, who believed in us and who looked us with sympathy.


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