On Sunday, April 30, 2017, Bibbiena inaugurated the first Information Point of Via Romea, at the Archaeological Museum of Casentino, owned by the Municipality of Bibbiena and managed by Coop. OROS. An important moment for the VRG who is preparing to have other Points of Information in other towns. In this office you will be informed about the Way, the places crossed and the Guide published by Terre di Mezzo and gadget of the VRG will be sold. Later there was a meeting to illustrate the Via Romea (speeches by prof. Caselli, prof. Bambi, Foietta Flavio) and the finds in the area by the Archaeological Group of Casentino. Thanks to the Mayor Daniele Bernardini and to the assessor Francesca Nassini, in addition to the speakers and the numerous participants.

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