On Wednesday, October 17, the three Associations: the German Romweg, the Italian Via Romea and the Austrian Jerusalem Way will meet the Mayor and the Administration of the city of Bozen, which has declared itself available to be the Headquarters of the new European EAVRG Association.
The meeting will serve to define the roles and the organization of the Registered Office.
Bolzano is the center of the two cultures: German and Italian; the two communities live and are mutually integrated.
They represent the way of being of Europe that we wish. The Via Romea Germanica has three poles: German, Austrian, Italian, which are joined in Bozen.
On 24 September 2018 the new EAVRG formally requested the Recognition as a European Cultural Interest Route.
Bozen was one of the first Municipalities that believed in this project and became a member already in 2012; at the same time the CAI sections of Bozen and South Tyrol became members of the same Via Romea.
In 2012 we happily participated in the “Festival del Camminare” (Walking Festival)
In 2018 we accompanied our friends Thomas, Tom and Walter, with their lamas, from Bozen to Rome