On Saturday, May 5, 2017, at the Farmhouse Borgo La Villa of Giampaolo Gamurrini, an evening dedicated to Via Romea Germanica was held for the cycle dedicated to History and Culture: “Le Veglie alla Terra Barbaritana”. An exceptional welcome, in a place from which you could admire the Arno valley with the Subbiano at the foot. In a territory famous for its environmental beauty, for the value of its agriculture (vineyards and valuable crops) for its history (Etruscan lands and then Roman and of the Renaissance), this Framhouse bets on the Via Romea project. Along the way, the access is guaranteed by the numerous specialized signalling pointing to Via Romea’s path. At the meeting, very attended, there were the Local Associations of Casentino, the leadership of Via Romea, prof. Caselli, prof. Bambi, Prof. Venturini passionate archaeologist, the president of the Casentino Biodistretto, entrepreneurs and people interested in the development of the territory. The importance of the Via Romea Germanica’s project has been highlighted as a link between Casentino and the other Italian regions and other European nations, as well as the promotion of the economic and tourist activities of these Tuscan hills and mountains.

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