The sixth edition of the Walk between Ronco Lido and La Fratta took place on Friday 12 July, at night. An evening of “being together” by different associations and friends in the Forlì area. A magnificent route, along the banks of the river, in a natural environment rich in vegetation and fauna. A “paradise” that few Forlivesi still know. A stretch of the Via Romea Germanica which is now kept very clean and welcomes not only pilgrims, but also local inhabitants who do bicycles, walks, jogging, even accompanied by their dog friends. There was the participation of the Municipal Police who took the opportunity to do an exercise with the new drones. The presence of local administrations (Forlimpopoli, Bertinoro and Forlì) was a very welcome surprise. As a pleasant surprise was that of Fabio, a pilgrim in the Via Romea, coming from Trento and headed to Rome. A heartfelt thanks to Gilberto Zanetti and the friends of “Il Molino- Protezione Civile”, who organized the event in which Via Romea also took part. The whole evening was filmed by “VideoRegione“, television of Romagna.