July 14, 2016. The first meeting of the Institutional Table between the Region and the Episcopal Conference of Emilia Romagna, signed on April 28, 2016. With this act the Region E-R and the Church is committed to work for the development and assistance to the pilgrims. That involves Local Institutions and Parishes to assist especially those who get the walk with religious spirit, by providing what most precious exists: the places of the Faith and materials places where the Faith is always expressed (Churches, Monuments, Oratories ….). An approach (of the President of the Emilia Romagna Region and of the Episcopal Conference of the same Region) that goes well with the project of the Minister Franceschini (2016 = Year of the Walks) and the will of Pope Francis (Jubilee of Mercy). The Ways and all the Associations that propose them, take care them, caress them, are heritage (like centuries ago) of the “temporal power” and of the “spiritual power”, in a synthesis what even today t must be he center of everything: the Man, the Person, the Citizen.
Thanks to the E.R. Councillor Andrea Corsini and to S.E. Msgr. Carlo Mazza for the precious gift.  – Agreement –

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