On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, after a 12-day journey, the salt of the Cervia salt pans was delivered to the Pope at the General Audience. This tradition, this year, has been accomplished for the first time on the VIA ROMA GERMANICA, to underline the importance that has begun to take on this path. With a very attended ceremony, on September 30, 2017, from the Warehouse of the Salt, a barrow was brought to the blessing of the Cervia Parish priest, Fr. Pierre Cabantous, from the salinaries accompanied by the ViceMayor Armuzzi, the President of Via Romea Valentini and other Associations. Then, accompanied by Valentini himself, the group of about 15 people arrived in Rome. There, the mayor of Cervia delivered the Pope to the Salt. The Salt Cellars of Cervia were part of the Monopoly of the State of the Church and by tradition, the Pope was honored, because as Head of the State, he was the owner of the salt pans. The meetings of ViceMayor Armuzzi and the organizers with the local authorities, Mayors and Councilors of the Municipalities of Via Romea Germanica were very important. In the meantime, we also shot a movie that is being edited by November. Thanks to Cervia and all the organizers: appointment to 2018 !!

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