On Tuesday, May 30, at the Town Hall of Cervia (RA), the program of the event from 30 September 2017 to 11 October 2017 was produced; it consists in bringing the Salt of Cervia to Papa Francesco. An ancient tradition: the salt mills of Cervia were the Monopoly of the State of the Church and Cervia itself was founded just as the residence of the “salinari = saltworkers”. Every year the “subjects” brought to the Pope the Sweet Salt of Cervia as a sign of respect and deference. This year, instead of getting to Rome by bus, the Cervia Associations (Cultural Club “Friends of Clodovea”, the Cultural Salt Civilization Group …) together with the Municipality, thought of doing it “walking” on the Via Romea Germanica, that enthusiastically participates in this event. We expect that there will be a large attendance and on Wednesday 11 October 2017, at the Pope hearing in St. Peter’s Square, and that there will be several pilgrims who will join the walkers departing from Cervia on 30 September. We trust that they will be greeted with joy in the cities where they will stand along the way : in 2015, our Partners were magnificent in receiving pilgrims from the Pilgrim Crossing Borders 2015 ….   



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