VIA ROMEA GERMANICA works with many associations. On July 31st, with IL MOLINO in Fratta Terme. On August 2 with THERMAE ROMANAE, organized by the Municipality of Bagno di Romagna and its Spas.
Friday, July 31 a nice “almost” night walk along the banks of the Ronco river, arriving at the headquarters of IL MOLINO who noticed us with the usual kindness, wine, food and sweets….
Sunday 3 August another walk from Bagno di Romagna to Nasseto on the Via Romea and return in a ring.
Moments in friendship, serenity, beautiful despite the heat of this summer….
The Via Romea says “Thanks!” to the Associations, to Gilberto Zanetti, to Camilla Boschetti, to Fabio Michelacci and all those who have committed themselves and have walked with us!

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