On Sunday 23 September 2018, in the splendid setting of the Villa Saffi Park, at the invitation of the Municipality of Forlì, the latest innovations of the VIA ROMEA GERMANICA were presented. In addition to the match: European Recognition, Constitution of the European Association, partnership of the Municipality of Bolzano, etc., the Via Romea was presented in the territory of Forlì. It has been communicated how the Municipality of Forlì and the Municipality of Meldola have commissioned the Forlì-Mobilità structure and our Association itself to find the historical link by designing it in safety. In practice, a ring of over 56 km will be created, and anyone can do on foot or by bicycle, in an exceptional environment (plains, wetlands, the first hills of the Apennines). The problematic section to be tackled is that from San Martino in Strada to Meldola (San Martinen Strate et Meldula of the Monk Albert) which will also touch the Park and the ancient Monastery of Scardavilla. It will be a very important and fascinating project, born from the collaboration with three subjects: Municipalities of Forlì and Meldola and Associazione Via Romea. (in the photo: Giovanna Ferrini, Liviana Zanetti, Flavio Foietta)

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