Luciano Ragozzino is an artist from Milan. A walker who loves landscapes, nature and places, he travels mostly alone, to better enjoy what surrounds him. He also reproduces it with beautiful watercolors on which he writes his feelings. “… A constant is to cross territories of uncontaminated nature, to reach beautiful countries that were completely unknown to me. And it is difficult to describe in words, for example, the feeling, which has something ancestral, of walking for miles in an immense secular beech forest in total solitude, or cross ancient necropolises in an unreal silence, or spend the night in tiny, ancient villages not at all devastated by building speculation. These few notes are enough to justify the enthusiasm with which in those places I filled pages and pages with sketches and watercolors. And this completely personal need of mine to fix these moments and these sensations with the drawing was undoubtedly the main motivation and I am convinced that it also has a strong thaumaturgical power over me”.
We thank Ragozzino who at the moment limited himself to walking the Via Romea Germanica from Forlì to Rome; we hope she will complete it as soon as the epidemic allows it. Meanwhile the Via Romea Germanica wants to enhance the artistic work using the best watercolors of the artist. Here the article written by Maria Gioia Tavoni for the INSULA EUROPEA magazine.