Today, June 29, 2016, we presented the GUIDE of VIA ROMEA GERMANICA, written by Simone Frignani, with the help of Rodolfo Valentini, Gianluca Bambi and others; printed by Terre di Mezzo. A crowded meeting, where many Public Institutions and Associations of the country about Forlì. After the presentation in Trento and Levico Valsugana, and after Forlì, the Guide will be presented in Bolzano, Padua, Orvieto, Cortona, Ravenna and other towns. Thanks to all that worked for this goal. Vi Romea was presented as the younger sister of the Francigena, but with the ambition of a quick growing, with the voluntary work and feeling like doing and with the help of many Public Institutions and of Associations that see in this project of the Via Riomea, an opportunity for e new development of the crossed countries, and especially the smaller. THANKS TO EVERYONE!!