At the suggestion of some friends, Stefano and Sauro, we have increased the “support points” for our pilgrims. In particular, several services have been included (already known from the Way of St. Anthony, with whom we have been collaborating for some time) for the stages in the Veneto region and part of Emilia and Camping, suggested above all for cyclists. All these services are not affiliated, but are still useful for those who travel the Via Romea. It is recommended to book and to check prices and conditions. These services are specified both in the HomePage and in each single stage.
As part of the services rendered, it should be remembered that, to those who receive our Credential, a new and full-bodied list of friends is released who are in the area and who can give useful information and even help, if needed.
Greetings to everyone!
Have a good journey and a good bike ride!

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