On 29 September 2018 at Bibbiena, at the Centro Creativo Casentino, we discussed on the BRIDLE PATH of the Via Romea Germanica. Starting from the Mayor of Bibbiena, Daniele Bernardini, it was underlined how the Via Romea Germanica is the first path that wants to create a path for horses too. Gianluca Bambi from the University of Florence, Francesco Macrì from Estra Spa, Sergio Paglialunga, director of the Casentinesi Forests Park, Pasquini Goffredo of the FISE (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation), Serena Stefani Vice-Mayor of Pratovecchio, col. CC. Claudio D’Amico passionate about riding, Gianfranco Nassini of the same FISE, Flavio Foietta of the Via Romea Germanica Association. The President of the Council of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani concluded. A remarkable convergence on the need to work for this strategic objective, which will be brought to the attention of the Tuscan regional bodies.


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