Today, Friday the16th of February, guests of the Creative Center of Casentino, in Bibbiena, we had a meeting for the definition of the Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of the Via Romea bridleway. We start from Tuscany, and then we will extend the proposal to the other 5 Regions crossed by the VRG and to the National Bodies. There were present the FISE Toscana, with its President Massimo Petaccia, Goffredo Pasquini and Gianfranco Nassini, the CONI Toscana and the FEISCT Toscana Association with Stefano Tacconi, the University of Florence with Gianluca Bambi, the Municipality of Bibbiena with the Mayor Daniele Bernardini and the Assessor Francesca Nassini. The Via Romea was present with five representatives. The Protocol should be approved as soon as possible, after the participants have agreed on all the points that envisage the constitution of the Bridleway and events in Tuscany, which see knights, children and schools as protagonists.

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