On Saturday 7 and Sunday, 8 October 2017, the Second Festival of the Walks will be taken part in the La Verna Monastery and Chiusi. 
On Saturday, departing from the Gualchiere di Bagno di Romagna, we are going to wal across the Passo Serra to reach La Verna. At the arrive at the Monastery there will be the greeting of the Guardian and then a meeting at the Auditorium of Chiusi della Verna. A bus is available (free of charge) which will bring the Walkers from La Verna to Gualchiere to resume the cars. For those who need it, there will also be a minibus that will get them from the Gualanciole Pass directly to La Verna, saving around 8 km. If you want to participate, please be present at the Gualchiere (see web-site) on Saturday morning and who will ask (besides the numbers and references in the poster), can contact our Association via email (info@viaromeagermanica.com) or at 329 2106197