La Via Romea Germanica in Veneto

The Veneto Region has sent us a BANNER and several copies of Brochures in Italian and in English, to advertise the Via Romea Germanica in Veneto and beyond.
We remind you that we are one of the six routes recognized by the Region.
It is a tangible sign of the Veneto Region’s interest in the Paths and in the Via Romea Germanica in particular, which is set to become a Route of European Cultural Interest.
We like to remember and thank the Municipality of Anguillara Veneta, one of the last members of VRG in order of time, and remember the good relations with the GAL DELTA PO.
With Cammino di Sant’Antonio we have a collaboration born several years ago; in these days in Romagna it will also be joined in Forlì with the Via Romea Germanica.
Thanks to President Zaia and the Councilor of the Veneto Region, to the Executives whose cordiality and professionalism we appreciated.
The hope is to extend the collaboration to the other Municipalities and the other GAL in the Veneto region