We were recently informed by the Institute for Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe that the VIA ROMEA GERMANICA has been certified as a Route of European Cultural Interest. For us an exceptional milestone, reached only eight years after the birth of the Italian association, which, together with the German Romweg and the Austrian Jerusalem Way, on 22 November 2018 gave birth to the EAVRG (European Association of Via Romea Germanica) in Bolzano. The milestone was reached thanks to the volunteer work that, even with very few funds, has fielded its professionalism, its enthusiasm, its determination to reach the highest peaks. We owe a special thanks to our Members (Municipalities, Public Bodies, Associations, Tourist Offices, individual People) who supported us and believed in this project; thanks to the numerous volunteers and friends who, in various fields, in different ways, have lent and still lend their disinterested work.
Particularly in this last phase we had at our side, the MIBACT Ministry, the Regions of Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, the highest organizations of Italy, Germany, the Republic of San Marino, the Vatican City.
The Institute for Cultural Routes of Luxembourg, with its professionalism and loyalty to European standards, has always been very helpful, giving us all the information and explanations, and encouraging us to resolve some of the gaps in our project.
Now the work that awaits us is great, because this is only an important arrival, but it immediately forces us to undertake other climbs, to prove that we have deserved this recognition and to grow in our goals. AD MAIORA !!!                             PRESS RELEASE (by Gigi Zoppello)


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