The VRG for the VENETO

An important meeting was held on Sunday 14 May in Tribano (PD) with the Mayors and the three Provinces of the Veneto located on the itinerary of the Via Romea. Objective were:
1) The presentation of a project, financed by the LAG Patavino, which will arrange the route and build rest areas in five municipalities. Including assistance with bikes and battery recharging
2) The awareness of all local administrators (34 mayors and 3 presidents of the Province) to join the Via Romea team.
Numerous administrators have joined with the commitment, within six months, to join the Via Romea Association.
Sen. De Poli promised the bystanders to bring Via Romea and the Administrators to a meeting of the senatorial commission to present the program of interventions in Veneto and their project to strengthen our Association and its tools for the benefit of communities and territories